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Chapter 324: Of course, this is quite reasonable! (Part 2)

“My curse has been eliminated.

I can withdraw my power.

In this way, as long as I can kill the remaining three of the ten Demon Generals, I can break through this Demon Cage!” Ye Wuyou spoke at this moment.

“Which three demon generals are still alive” He Yiming asked.

“Third Demon General Mu Sa, eighth Demon General Mo Weizhi, tenth Demon General Demon Void!” Ye Wuyou spoke.

“Can we find their location”


“Let’s go!”

Ye Wuyou nodded and led the way!

Since he had already betrayed Morisa, and with He Yiming’s help, he had wiped away the power of the curse that Morisa used to control him, Ye Wuyou decided to completely betray Morisa.

“As long as we kill those three demon generals before Lord Morisa arrives through the otherworldly gate, we can break the demon cage! That way, we can escape!

“This lower realm is very large.

Even Lord Morisa will need several years to conquer it!

“We’ll find a place to hide.

Even Lord Morisa would find it difficult to find us! With your talent, you’ll definitely be able to defeat Lord Morisa in a hundred years of seclusion!” Ye Wuyou opened his mouth and actually thought of a plan for the future.

“……” He Yiming didn’t say a word.

Instead, he was thinking of another strategy to deal with Morisa!

“Come, I’ll bring you with me!” As He Yiming pondered, he spoke casually.

“Good!” Nangong Li laid down next to He Yiming, letting him hug her with his left hand.

Qing’er hesitated for a moment before closing in on He Yiming in embarrassment.

He Yiming’s right hand hugged her.

Nangong Li smiled as she looked at Qing’er, making her feel even more embarrassed.

“I’m very fast.

Can you keep up” With a heavy step, Ye Wuyou tore through the air for over a hundred meters before speaking indifferently.

After stepping into the twenty-four demon marks, Ye Wuyou was already a true rank five demon! His strength was comparable to the four commanders, so he was worried that He Yiming wouldn’t be able to keep up!

“It’s nothing, you can speed up!” With Nangong Li and Qing’er in his arms, He Yiming’s ten black bowstrings sped up and easily caught up to Ye Wuyou’s speed.

“When I first met you, I had estimated that the odds of winning against you were about nine, nine for me and you one!”

“Is that so I’ve also estimated that.

It’s just that for you, only three.

I, seven!”

“If you nine demon generals attack together, it’ll be roughly forty to sixty! You nine demon generals, six, I, four!”

He Yiming spoke.

“You’re quite confident! You used a trick to kill Li Qingshui! His three heads and six arms were heavily injured by me once, which is why he was instantly killed by you! Otherwise, even if you use your full strength, it won’t be so easy to kill him!”

“Yes, I know! That’s why I directly used the Major Achievement Sword Intent without giving him a chance!”

“The third demon general, Mu Sa, is very difficult to deal with.

Although his strength is slightly weaker than Li Qingshui and I, he is extremely difficult to deal with.

It can be said that he is the most difficult to kill among the ten demon generals!”

“Then you can hide from him first to attract his attention! I will ambush him from behind, fighting him secondly!”

“You’re different from normal humans.

This move is despicable, but it’s effective!”

“All I want to do is kill the enemy with the most stability and confidence.

I’ll use whatever method is most effective! Fair Hot-blooded Head on Just let my disciple go! After all, they’re still young!”

Listening to the conversation between He Yiming and Ye Wuyou, Qing’er really wanted to complain and express a lot of opinions.

However, in the end, she did not dare to interrupt.

At the same time…

In an endless dark world.

Roar, roar, roar!

Hundreds and thousands of terrifying roars rang out nonstop.

The ground was densely packed with terrifying Demon Beasts.

Each one of them was filled with a ferocious aura!

At a glance, there were over a million of them!

The weakest among them were Rank 3!

It was the true strongest army under Demon Lord!

Demon Beast Corps!

At this moment, on the back of an extremely large demon beast that was several thousand meters tall, there was an extremely luxurious black throne.

“Lord Morisa, will you gather us” Four figures slowly walked over and knelt before Morisa.

“Ye Wuyou betrayed me.

Not only that, I wonder what method he used to erase the curse that I used on his demon core!” A sinister voice came from the black throne.

“Ye Wuyou is only a rank four, yet he can erase the Demon Lord’s curse” The four figures were somewhat shocked.

“Demon Kiniu has already passed, but this sovereign sent several messages to him without any reaction! Something must have happened to the otherworldly gate!”

“The four of you are the three most powerful commanders under this sovereign!”

“Mo Sima, you stay behind.

You will command this lord’s Demon Beast army!”


“The other three, enter the otherworldly gate together.

Once you arrive at the other side, find Ye Wuyou and kill him! Find Demon Kiniu and see what happened to him!”


The four figures nodded in unison, and three of them stood up and stepped into the door of another world…

—Author’s Notes–-

[Don’t ask why there are five commanders of the four armies.

Isn’t it reasonable to cheat a bit]


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