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Chapter 326: Demon Kiniu, Have you been beaten to death (Part 2)

All the demons became excited.

Soon, one by one, they stood up in a line.

The eighth demon general, Mo Weizhi, was naturally the first to stand with a proud expression.

“That’s right! You guys are really awesome!” Beef Noodles nodded with satisfaction.

And then…

“Eat my strongest punch!!!” Beef Noodles suddenly erupted with his full strength, and a punch landed on Mo Weizhi’s chest!

The terrifying power first pierced through Mo Weizhi’s body, and then like a candied gourd, it pierced through the chests of all the demon warriors behind him!

One hit!

Instantly, all the demon warriors!

“” All the demon warrior widened their eyes.

They couldn’t believe what had happened!


One of the commanders of the four armies, Lord Mo Kiniu, wanted to kill them

Lord Mo Kiniu, who had twenty-four demon marks, had countless ways to kill them!


To use such a most humiliating, stupid, and impossible method

“Why” The other demons all died on the spot.

Only the eighth demon general Mo Weizhi struggled and used his last bit of strength to question Beef Noodles.

As the commander of the army, why would he want to kill his own race This was the greatest betrayal!

Wasn’t Mo Kiniu afraid of being killed by the curse

“Of course, it’s because the real Mo Kiniu has long since been killed! I am Demon Lord Noodles, Brother Ming’s most handsome disciple!” Beef Noodles answered seriously.

“” Mo Weizhi was stunned.

Feeling that he didn’t have much time left, Mo Weizhi asked his soul question!

“Why did you kill us like this” Even if Mo Weizhi died, he still wanted to know why he had to line up with other demons before killing him

“Of course it’s because…

“It’s easy to loot corpses like this!”

Beef Noodles answered seriously.


Mo Weizhi spat his last mouthful of demon blood and died on the spot.

He died with regret.

Beef Noodles’ hand was extremely fast.

His right hand moved like lightning, collecting all the demon blood and demon cores.

Immediately after, he took out a mirror and skillfully combed his hair.

“Ice Palace misses, I’m here!!!” Beef Noodles bounced up and down, rushing in the direction of the hundred human race women they had discovered earlier.

However, right at this moment.



The two voices sounded almost at the same time, and Beef Noodles stopped in their tracks.

Two identical figures appeared in front of Beef Noodles.

They were all black skin, with four black horns on their heads and crimson eyes.

Each of their bodies had twenty enormous demon marks!

The demon on the left wore a strange black earring on his right ear.

The demon on the right also wore an identical black earring on his left ear.

Two terrifying demons on the level of demon commanders!

He counted Beef Noodles again.

The other party only had twenty demon marks.

If they were less than him, then they would definitely be weaker than him! What was there to panic about

“How dare you block my path” Beef Noodles were put into a pose and spoke domineeringly.

“Mo Kiniu, have you been struck dumb”

“As the commander of the fourth army, have you forgotten who we are”

The twins opened their mouths.

“” Beef Noodles was dumbfounded. F*ck! Who the hell knew who the hell they were! I am not a demon king!

“Could it be that the two of you are the legendary…” Beef Noodles spoke with slight shock.

Who are they

Fuck, how would I know!

Let’s start with the same trick, let’s see if we can trick the other party into announcing his name!

“Since you’re asking sincerely, I’ll tell you with great compassion!”

“To bring the world some devastation! To bring this plane to our nation.”

“Carry out the evil of being invincible.”

“Power and might that are unbreakable!”

“It’s the demon, Mo Boerben!”

“It’s the demon, Mo Boerba!”

“We are the special army’s commander! Mo Boer!”

The twin demons put on a pose and spoke with full force.

Beef Noodles:


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