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Chapter 1045: Invite Gong Tianhao OutTranslator: Lonelytree

Looking at the back of Weng Jingjing, who was holding her bag in a hurry, Leng Piaoxue held a glass of red wine, and a sarcastic smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

With her background, how could she let a woman with a mismatched status treat her as her best friend

Weng Jingjing was only a tool.

Weng Jingjing, who had also walked out of Leng Piaoxues villa, had a glint in her eyes.

It was no longer important whether Leng Piaoxue treated her as a friend or best friend.

What was important was that she could make good use of the power behind Leng Piaoxue and let her step into the upper-class circle to achieve her goals.

Just like that, two women with ulterior motives each had their own goals and became best friends.

After Weng Jingjing returned to her apartment, she poured herself a glass of red wine and sat on the leather sofa, thinking about the possibility of asking Gong Tianhao out.

She was Gong Tianhaos first love, and she had always believed that Gong Tianhao still had feelings for her.

However, Gong Tianhao was now married, and he was a celebrity.

His every move was watched by others.

Naturally, he had to be careful and think twice before doing anything.

This was how Weng Jingjing consoled herself.

Thinking of this, Weng Jingjing took out her phone.

Through some means, she obtained Gong Tianhaos number.

She had never called or sent a message to this number.

One reason was that she was afraid that Gong Tianhao would blacklist her after he found out that she was the one who sent the message and made the call.

Another reason was that she did not dare to act rashly before she was certain that Gong Tianhao still had feelings for her.

She had always done things with a purpose and means.

She thought for a moment and edited a message on her phone.

Tianhao, I am Jingjing! I want to meet you.

Can I make an appointment with you

It was straightforward and bold!

However, she deleted this message several times.

After that, she stared at her phone without moving her eyes as if she was deep in thought.

She wanted to send this message directly to Gong Tianhao, but she felt that it was inappropriate.

At this moment, she suddenly felt that it was extremely difficult to ask Gong Tianhao out.

She remembered that in the past, Gong Tianhao would appear in front of her as soon as she said a word.

No matter what kind of request she had, Gong Tianhao would immediately satisfy her.

He doted on her like a princess, allowing her to act coquettishly and let her be willful.

If someone bullied her, he would immediately protect her.

Now that she thought about it, the way Gong Tianhaos treated her at that time was perfect.

If it werent for the fact that Gong Tianhao didnt have money, then he would be the perfect man in the eyes of any woman.

But she wasnt willing to accept it.

Why didnt he have money or power A man without money or power, even if he was successful, who knew how many years later he would take If she married him, then she had to work hard with him.

But Weng Jingjing wasnt bad-looking.

Those rich young masters who were pursuing her were a lot.

Then why did she have to lower herself to be with Gong Tianhao

Weng Jingjing never felt that giving up on Gong Tianhao, who didnt have money, was wrong.

She felt that it was Gong Tianhao who was at fault.

If Gong Tianhao had not deliberately concealed his identity, she would not have made such a wrong choice.

It was Gong Tianhao who had lied to her first.

Therefore, after knowing Gong Tianhaos identity, she found an excuse to justify her betrayal.

However, this excuse could fool her for a year or two, but it could not fool her for five years, ten years, or even a lifetime.

Especially when some of her classmates, friends, and various media channels found out about Gong Tianhaos news, they felt even more regretful and unwilling.

At that time, she wanted to go back and look for Gong Tianhao, but she could not let go of her face.

Later on, she wanted to develop well abroad and be a woman worthy of Gong Tianhao, so she worked very hard.

But, her personality was strong.

In order to achieve her goals, she would do anything.

Sometimes, for the sake of performance, she would even agree to the unreasonable request of having sex with a client.

Weng Jingjing gradually became famous in the workplace.

As she wished, she became an executive of a well-known global company.

She thought that she should be able to work side by side with Gong Tianhao.

She was completely worthy of being the wife of the President of the Imperial Group.

Who would have thought that one day, Leng Piaoxue would tell him that Gong Tianhao had married a wife Not only that, he even had a son.

At that time, she really felt that the world had been turned upside down, and she had suffered a heavy blow.

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