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Flying Dust [Fei Chen]

Chapter 58

Mo Fei Chen turned his head sideways in order to see Lu Qingmos expression, but the other party covered his eyes with his hand.


“If you feel guilty because you cant accept me, then the best way to make it up for it is to let me be nice to you.”


Mo Fei Chens eyes began to sour, occasionally he had asked himself before if Lu Qingmo was treating him exceedingly more than a big brother should be treating his little brother.

But every time, he consoled himself by saying,What kind of person is the other party, Lu Qingmo orThe person Lu Qingmo has always admired is Wen Qian Liu.


Lu Qingmo was different from He Yunfeng.

Although both of them hold him dearly yet indifferent, not caring for fame or wealth.


But they were also different.


He Yunfeng had experienced the world.

Many of the things he did were beyond Mo Fei Chens understanding.

For example, he knew that Mo Fei Chen had no interest in Jiang Hu, but he still let him enter Jiang Hu.

Perhaps for He Yunfeng, the first thing to do was to give up in order to gain.


Lu Qingmo, on the other hand, was also difficult to understand.

No matter where Mo Fei Chens head was covered with bumps and bruises or bleeding, as long as he was held by Lu Qingmo, he could keep him safe from any harm, both physically and mentally.


Mo Fei Chen admired him and at the same time he also could not help but rely on him.


This kind of dependence was not a good thing.


“Fei Chen, sometimes when you accept someones kindness, its a kind of feedback (repaying someones favor) .” Lu Qingmo turned him over and faced him, “I can always be just your Lu Dage.”


The first time he left Kun Yun Peak and was seen off by He Yunfeng, Mo Fei Chen did not shed a tear.


When he was struck by Wu Liang Chanshi and was dying, he did not shed a tear either.


Even when he was locked in the valley by Jun Wushuang, struggling between lust and resisting it, he also definitely did not cry. 


But when he was held in Lu Qingmos arms like this, his tears were incomparably heavy.


He stretched out his hand and smiled at Lu Qingmo, “Fine ah, Lu Dage, be rest assured, I wont hide from you, nor will I act like a big girl and be indecisive.

I will take what you said to me today to my heart.”


Lu Qingmo pinched his face, “This is the Mo Fei Chen I know.”


The next morning, they said goodbye to Qu Shaofeng.


Knowing that they were leaving, Madam Qu unexpectedly came to see them off personally.

She looked at Mo Fei Chen and her eyes were a little moist, but she didnt say anything more than what was necessary.

After all, she was already a persons wife and Mo Chang had not given her any good memories either. 


Mo Fei Chen handed her the jade pendant wrapped in a handkerchief and said in a relaxed and gentle way, “Madam Qu has sewn new clothes for me, and Fei Chen really likes it.

In this lifetime, I have always worn the clothes left behind by my Shi Xiong or Shi Fu, but Madam Qu is the first person that gave me new clothes.

This piece of jade is really nothing valuable, it is just a small token of Fei Chens appreciation, I hope Madam Qu will kindly accept this small gift of mine.”


Wu Qing Yan took the handkerchief.

Her fingers trembled a little before then she clutched it in her hand, “Mo Shao Xia, after this you must be more careful when you go.

Dont be impulsive, ask Lu Da Xia more.”


Mo Fei Chen nodded his head.

Her last words of advice that was entrusted to him, made him feel a little bit of a sense of having her as his mother.


Before they left, Lu Qingmo also reminded Yu Lin Sect to watch out for further trouble from the Bai Xue Cult.

Qu Shaofeng said that since they had to travel a long way, therefore he had prepared a carriage for them, as well as silver, dried food and bedding.

Children of Jiang Hu dont have to be modest, not bother about trifles so Lu Qingmo accepted it all.


The two of them sat in the horse drawn carriage and left Yu Lin town.


There was no inn until the next town.

It was a good thing that they were in the carriage, otherwise if they had been on horseback, Mo Fei Chen thought that his butt would be wounded.


Mo Fei Chen glanced at Lu Qingmo, who understood what he meant, and smiled faintly as if he didnt care at all. 


Thats true, someone had been following them on horseback since they left Yu Lin Town, keeping a certain distance between them, but with Mo Fei Chen and Lu Qingmos martial arts training, it was impossible for them not to hear the clatter sound of horses hoofs. 


“Lu Dage, do you think its possible that Ye Su did not take her broken hand and is looking for you” Mo Fei Chen squeezed his eyebrows and made eyes on him, trying to make it look like an accident, but in Lu Qingmos eyes, he looked somewhat cute.


“Why didnt you say that there was a girl from the brothel who had her heart set on you, a handsome young man, and came after you”


At the sound of the horses hooves, they could both tell that the rider must be a female.

But since the other party didnt come to trouble them directly, they simply pretended they didnt know.


About an hour and a half later, a tea house appeared on the roadside.


The two of them got off the carriage to have some chinese herb tea.

The young man rushed to greet them and recommended their white steamed buns and beef stewed in soy sauce.

Mo Fei Chen suddenly felt like a martial artist in a foreign land and when he got excited, he said loudly, “Waiter, do you have any wine”


“Yes! Our exclusive yellow wine (mulled rice wine, usually served warm).

You wont be able to taste it anywhere else.”


“Deal then, two catties!” Mo Fei Chen raised his hand, feeling like a great warrior.



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