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Alyssa moved her lips slightly.

“You have a younger sister”


You don’t know how troublesome it is.

She’s unreasonable.

She’ll probably beg me to buy her a fountain pen today.”

The boy complained.

“Will you give it to her then”

Alyssa asked without much meaning.

The older siblings Alyssa had ever seen were not the ones who would yield their own to their younger sister.

By no means was it only the queen who listened to Vanessa’s unreasonable demands.

“Well… actually.”

The boy whispered to Alyssa.

“I didn’t have to save pocket money for a year to buy only mine.

I thought Ophelia would like it, so I was going to buy two.”


Alyssa’s eyes opened wide.

She had never heard of it, so it was unfamiliar and fascinating.

“I’ll give it later when Ophelia is very, very big.

If I give it to her right now, she’s going to break it while playing with it.”

“I see.”

“Ah, eat this too.”

There was endless food out of the boy’s pocket, but this one was exceptional.

It was grilled fish piled up on paper.

She thought she ate a lot already, but the moment she smelled it, she felt hungry again.

Alyssa smacked her lips.

“Hurry up and eat.”

“What about you”

“I eat well every day.

This is the best-grilled fish I know.

You will definitely like it.”

The boy laughed lightly.

Alyssa received the grilled fish from the boy and chewed.

The flesh of the fish that shatters softly with each bite was savory.

Besides, it wasn’t anything at all fishy.

The sun slowly rose while Alyssa was eating the grilled fish, and the owner of the fountain pen shop also went to work.

It was a young woman in her thirties who came out lifting her glasses.

“Oh my.

Did you come here to buy your fountain pens”

“Yes! I came to buy a fountain pen.”

“Oh my God.

At such an early time.

Come in quickly.”

The young owner provided the boy and Alyssa with hot milk and food.

However, Alyssa and the boy had already eaten a lot and drank only milk.

And while they were drinking milk, the owner took out a fountain pen.

“Oh, I’m going to buy two!”

“Well, two”

“I want to buy one for my younger sister too.

Ophelia likes it.”

The owner laughed with delight at the boy’s words.

“You’re a good brother.”

The owner pulled out one more.

As the boy triumphantly took out the money he had brought, like a treasure, Alyssa lingered and rubbed her hand.

This was because she didn’t have any money with her.

“Well, I don’t have money… I forgot and didn’t bring money…”

“Oh, then you can’t buy a fountain pen…”

The boy listening to the conversation between the owner and Alyssa alternated between his fountain pen and Alyssa.


I’ll uh, then I’ll give you one of mine!! It’s sad if you’ve waited so long, but you can’t buy it.”


“Will it be okay It’s also expensive, but you’ve been waiting for a long time to buy it.”

“It’s okay.


Alyssa looked up at the smiling boy.


“We are friends!”

Then the boy reached out his hand towards Alyssa.

“Shouldn’t we do this first Would you like to be friends”

“Of course”, Alyssa joined the hand.

* * *

This fountain pen was a gift from an unknown boy that day.

She still doesn’t know who the good boy is.

Maybe it was a one-night dream, but Alyssa had the fountain pen left.

After returning with the servants who came to find the boy, only Alyssa remained with the owner.

Cardella, the fountain pen shop owner, noticed that Alyssa didn’t just come out and that she had been abused.

Actually, the boy was still young, so he wouldn’t have seen, but Cardella was an adult.

It wasn’t hard to tell the difference between an injury from a fall or from being beaten.

Cardella took care of Alyssa.

She treated the wounds and repaired her torn clothes.

Alyssa stayed there for a week.

It was her first deviation, and it changed Alyssa’s life.

In a short period, Cardella taught Alyssa a lot.

She reads books and thinks for herself and many other things.

Alyssa’s first novel writing was also primarily influenced by Cardella.

To this day, she continued her relationship with Cardella.

Cardella now handed over the fountain pen shop to her younger sibling, and she was working for a magazine.

It was Dandelion Magazine, where Alyssa recently published a series of novels.

Alyssa rolled the fountain pen in her hand and smiled softly.

‘Come to think of it, I had a first friend.’

A boy with no name.

It was the boy she met before Sid.

It’s a short meeting, so she doesn’t even remember his face, but now he’s probably grown into a good person.

His younger sister is perhaps using the fountain pen he bought by now.

He said that if his younger sister is bigger, he will give it to her.

Alyssa picked up the fountain pen.


She also recalled what she had forgotten.

The fact that the fish she ate that day was also delicious.

It’s a very old memory now, but it still warms her heart.

Alyssa put a stop to the last sentence of the manuscript.


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