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It was not until the doctor fortunately diagnosed that Cruno could walk on two legs before the wedding that Cruno’s nervousness diminished, and the queen was relieved.

Her eyes shone.

Cruno has a sensitive side, but he was a very sincere and intelligent son.

He was doing very well with the crown prince’s great duties.

From time to time, he took over the duties on behalf of the king and met with delegations.

Is that all that He was a good son who took excellent care of his younger siblings.

The queen had no children like this, so she was more affectionate to the child.

He had trouble from time to time, but he’s the one who will be king anyway.

No matter what kind of accident Cruno had, it would be forgotten once he became king.

He, who would rise to the throne, has nothing to be ashamed or sorry for.

The queen swept Cruno’s forehead and raised her body.

She can’t take it anymore.

Even though Cruno was like this, the king did nothing.

He just behaved as if he had forgotten Cruno’s injury after gulping down the consolation gold sent from Cambridge to bring all his money to his heresy temple.

Even with that body, Cruno had to perform the work that the king had ordered.

Small things like paperwork.

He doesn’t know how heartbreaking this is from the point of view of the watching mother.

The queen leaped up, leaving the asleep Cruno behind.

It was a good idea to run to the king’s place right away and argue, holding his collar or whatever.

“Where is the king”

“It is said that he will be returning from the temple soon.”

What the hell does the temple do for you! He goes to the temple countless times without looking at whatever happens to Cruno and Norfe.

The queen stomped her feet.

She doesn’t know where in the world it started to go wrong.

“Well, Your Majesty.”


The queen, who had forgotten her bodyguard, shouted sharply.

Her nervousness is going to die, but why are you calling it That’s why I should have selected the things below her as those who noticed.

She shed her eyes on the place where the queen was useless.

“That… Countess Gerald is asking for an audience.”


The queen’s expression began to subside slowly.

She knew it.

She was expecting Gerald to respond to her call! The queen said, feeling a little better.

“Guide her to the reception room.”

She then took her steps back and regained her noble figure.

She felt better by calculating what she could get from Countess Gerald.

She will further strengthen Cruno’s position once she brings Gerald County and puts it to Cruno.

‘Was it Dania’

Kendrick’s former fiancee, but not bad.

She was thinking of pushing in Cruno’s concubine seat or Norfe’s princess consort seat.

She’s a flawed child of power with an already broken record, and other noble families won’t accept her.

It would be an honor if the queen accepted her in that way with a very generous heart.

It seemed that the works that had been clogged up had been released smoothly again.

The queen pulled her lips up.

“Countess Gerald.”

“Long time no see, Your Majesty.”

Countess Gerald slowly bowed her head.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Dania should never listen to anything the royal family demands.

She asked to reject the request, but it wasn’t that easy.

Countess Gerald couldn’t hide her anxiety.

In fact, she could have guessed easily what the queen was going to ask for.

The queen may have a problem suffering from the preparations for the wedding of Prince Cruno and that the crown prince was ill.

In the name of Gerald County, it was to guarantee this marriage and stabilize the crown prince’s couple and their families while helping the wedding ceremony.

Oh, so brazen.

Did the royal family forget what they did to Gerald

She bowed down, trying to calm her face.

This allowed the queen to open her mouth without noticing the changes in Countess Gerald’s emotions.


We’ve been estranged for a while.

I know that it will take a long time as it was magnificent, but please understand that the situation is urgent.”

The queen said.

Countess Gerald put her hand on the teacup without answering.

“First of all, I want to forgive Gerald County’s rudeness to the royal family during that time.”

Countess Gerald stopped.


Did she hear it correctly now

The queen continued.

“I’m talking about the fact when the royal family asked for a breakup of engagement out of necessity, but you rebelled and turned your backs.”

Countess Gerald’s lips trembled.

Is it correct that she is talking to a human, not a beast

“Of course, Gerald County wouldn’t have known that Lord Kendrick would die, so I know you would be grateful to the royal family.

We want to give you a chance to repay it.”

Was the queen such a messy person

Countess Gerald’s image of the queen was a bit blurry.

She was a foreign royalty, and Princess Alyssa has been in charge of the royal affairs.

In the princess’ childhood, the predecessor queen was alive.


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