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Dania carefully entered the office.

She came as Countess Gerald in a hurry to receive Seidrick’s request.

Countess Gerald stopped by the former bureau on her way and sent a telegram to the royal family.

It was a telegram to tell the queen that she must meet today in preparation for the wedding.

To prepare for that “talk,” Countess Gerald hastily bought a silk fabric to decorate the wedding at the morning market.

She has advised that the material should be pure white and embroidered with high-quality embroidery, so Countess Gerald will pick up a cart with the fabric on time.

And there wasn’t one cloth shop that Countess Gerald and Dania hadn’t stopped by this morning.

With the Queen’s arrogant mindset, she thinks Gerald will hate Alyssa and Cambridge, so she wouldn’t expect them to help Cambridge and Alyssa.

In addition, as she sincerely wants to prepare for Cruno’s wedding grandly, she will be immersed in choosing the silk fabrics with Countess Gerald.

And she will forget about Alyssa.

While it was Dania’s responsibility to protect Alyssa, who would be left behind, from the eyes of others.

She accepted the offer from Seidrick.

It was a very tempting and sweet offer.

‘Lady Dania, I know you are under unfair pressure from the royal family.

I concluded that I could no longer see Avery’s brutality.

But it’s not the time yet.

I believe you will side with me.’


This enormous group has a great attachment to Cambridge, so if Seidrick moves, everything will move.

Like all those who worked in the royal family who resigned after Kendrick’s death.

Dania decided to accompany Alyssa at the request of Seidrick.

That’s why she was here.

“I came at the request of the Duke, Duchess.”


Alyssa had no choice but to be embarrassed, for she had not heard anything.

What did Seidrick ask for

“The Duke asked me to accompany the Duchess to go to the Royal Cemetery today.”


It was hard to believe that Seidrick had made such a request for Alyssa.

Why the hell is he… There is no reason for her husband, who doesn’t even know her face, to be there for Alyssa.

For some time now, Seidrick had been intervening in Alyssa’s life.

In a direction that was helpful every time.

‘Was it a sense of responsibility…’

It may be because Alyssa was nailed to be part of Cambridge.

After all, it wasn’t a bad feeling to be protected by someone.

Dania looked at Alyssa and responded slowly.


So that’s why I’m here, Madam.”

The look of each other’s eyes weren’t so friendly.

But today, they were in the same boat.

Dania then added.

“Then, can you forget about the past just for today”

Alyssa nodded slowly.

“…I think I have to change my clothes, would you wait here”


It looks like there are a lot of books.

Can I read it”

“As much as you want.”

Alyssa and the maid went away.

It was only then that Dania was able to take a leisurely look at where she was standing.

There were so many books in Alyssa’s office.

She seemed to like books, too, and more than Dania’s books in her library.

Dania slowly walked through the office.

There were a lot of good books.

Moreover, Dania could find common ground with herself on Alyssa’s bookshelf.

‘There are all of the author Criminal’s previous works!’

Dania clung tightly to the bookshelf.

‘From limited edition to serialized magazines! It’s not just a book or two!’

There were books she didn’t have.

Author Criminal does not judge their own books tolerantly.

It wasn’t one or two who gave more money to buy the old version.

The bookshelf had plenty of books that Dania wanted to have.

There was one thing in common among readers who followed author Criminal.

They thought, ‘People who like author Criminal cannot be bad.’ For example, is it the same as believing that people who like children and animals can’t have a bad temper

Dania’s favor toward Alyssa has risen significantly.

Her mouth was dry.

Alyssa said she could read the book, so… Dania picked up one of the Criminal books that she had never read from the bookshelf with an urgent touch.

“I want to live here…”

Dania took a book and looked around.

Sit somewhere and read…


Dania turned to the desk.

There was a densely packed paper on the desk.

And looking at the supplies around her, it was clear that Alyssa was writing something.

Dania read the heading on the paper as if possessed.

[Clemore Chapter 21]

‘Clemore Clemore Chapter 21’

Criminal’s readers had one more thing in common: The name Clemore is always used as the main character of the novel.

Clemore was obviously the main character of the novel serialized in Dandelion!

Dania’s heart started beating with strange anticipation.

Chapter 21 was a chapter that has not yet been published.

But this is on Alyssa’s desk…


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