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Alyssa ran her bitter mouth with her tongue.

“Kendrick was a human being.

He often made mistakes.

It means he wasn’t as perfect as others think.

Um… For example, about…”

Dania tapped her lip with her finger.

Like to trace the memories of her past.

A cool breeze blew in Alyssa’s heart as she saw her.

“He has uneven cufflinks, and he misunderstood the place of appointment.

Such things were common.

He was busy, but he wasn’t attentive to himself because he cares about other things more.”

“…I see.”

Dania’s voice became a little brighter at Alyssa’s praise.


Still, it was fun to take care of him.

I was also convinced that he needed me.

I really liked how Kendrick showed such flaws.

It was even better because I was the only one who knew about it.”

Dania nodded her head.

‘I envy you…’

Alyssa chewed her tongue in surprise at the sudden thought.

However, she envied the fact that she could like someone that way.

She was envious of the affections Dania had received from Kendrick because her reflection of Kendrick was shining prettier than anyone else.

This feeling is unpleasant.

Nobody would believe Alyssa is envious of Dania, who has lost her Kendrick.

Alyssa’s wounded heart struck once again.

She didn’t want to, but the injustice was so terrible that she shuddered at the thought of being a perpetrator for someone else.

Until they reached the Royal Cemetery, Dania talked about her memories with Kendrick.

She said she needed someone to listen to, and she didn’t forget to say thank you to Alyssa.

As she listened to Dania’s story, she meditated on the mistakes the royal family had made and reflected on the legitimate reasons for their disappearance.

And Alyssa was also included in it.

Alyssa, who captured such dark inner thoughts, took one step at a time toward the royal cemetery in front of her.

Dania said, shaking her arm slightly.

“It’s good that we got a little close.


Oh, can I call you Alyssa”


Dania smiled at Alyssa’s affirmation.

“Then call me Dania too.”

She then quickly added.

“I’m sorry about the other day.

I needed someone to hate… and that’s… Alyssa is right in front of me to think I was focused on an innocent person.”

She wanted to say it, but it was also something she had to put off because she was looking for the perfect opportunity.

Alyssa paused at Dania’s apology.

‘Why are you… apologizing’

No one who has ever hated Alyssa on behalf of the royal family has ever apologized to her.

Except for Juliana and Ophelia.

They seemed to be really sorry about the past…

This is the third time.

Alyssa stared at Dania with puzzled eyes.

“Why are you apologizing”


Dania asked with her eyes wide.

It was at the time she stood in front of the cemetery.

“Why are you apologizing to me, Dania Is there anything to apologize for It’s also true that I was condemned by the royal family and grew up enjoying the privileges of it.”

Dania seemed to be strangled at that moment.

The darkness surrounding Alyssa came into her eyes.

It’s the gloomy and grim darkness that surrounds Alyssa like a snake.

“…That’s… it wasn’t what Alyssa wanted.

Was she born because she wanted to be born in the royal family It wouldn’t be because you wanted to be born as Avery…”

Dania said, not hesitating to blaspheme the royal family.

When the sadness and anger that had been covering her eyes cleared, she came to realize.

Alyssa was innocent.

She must have been in a position to accept it unilaterally.

Alyssa had to use Avery’s bridle at the same time as her birth.

It’s not what she wanted; why would she have to suffer like that.

Dania’s mouth was bitter.

I think she made it that way.

She couldn’t figure out what to say anymore.

Alyssa smiled sharply.

“It was.

Throughout my life, I didn’t do anything because I wanted to.

However, if it persists, it eventually becomes a part of me.

So it’s okay if Dania hates me.

I don’t think it’s unfair.”

Dania swallowed dry saliva.

Alyssa’s purple eyes expressed her sincerity.

It was full of despair and solitude that filled the clear and transparent amethyst-like eyes.

‘This person…’

Why are Ophelia, Juliana, and Seidrick all so desperate to Alyssa She knew how many times he had been asking Dania to take good care of his wife.

Alyssa was crumbling down so quietly and shyly enough not to annoy others.

Dania, unknowingly, gave strength in her hand holding Alyssa’s forearm.

‘The words, you have to change the words…’

Alyssa’s darkness wasn’t the kind that someone like Dania could endure.

“…Kendrick is waiting.

Let’s go.”


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