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Time sometimes passes faster than running water.

Three years have passed since she came to the mansion.

Alyssa got used to Seidrick, who spends most of his time outside, and she no longer looked for him.

Even the useless expectations were utterly given up.

Since Seidrick’s first death anniversary two years ago, Cambridge relatives’ visits to the mansion have declined significantly.

She doesn’t know what happened, but Alyssa’s mind and body thanked the peace that came.

Oh, Cruno also had a fine wedding.

Countess Gerald had to sell the queen’s jewelry to make up for the scarce funds.

It was an excellent determination for her pride.

In addition, Vanessa got married a year after Cruno was married.

The queen appeared to have put a proposal to Alberto County, but the Count refused as there was already someone to marry.

The queen had to marry Vanessa to the only Duke of Serafina.

It was funny that Vanessa ran away from the imperial family and came to Cambridge.

Vanessa naturally seemed to think that Alyssa would accept her, but the door of the tightly closed mansion did not open.

As she was captured by the royal knights who came out in search of her, Vanessa finally cursed Alyssa, and the malicious words crossed the gates of the mansion.

Thus, only Norfe remained in the royal family.

He was still perceived as a nuisance, but he lived from this woman and that woman, moving around the bars on the street.

Oh, and of the most significant changes that have occurred, it was Dania.

Not long after visiting the royal family with Alyssa, Dania left Gerald County.

She did not become independent through marriage but came out of her strength.

Dania rebuilt her castle.

She was no longer Dania Gerald but Dania Kendrick.

She used Kendrick’s first name as her surname.

With it, Dania has forever solidified her own will to honor Kendrick.

And winter two years ago.

A new civic group was created by the author Criminal’s novel, which brought fresh winds to the kingdom.

That was the revolutionary group.

It was an organization centered on Dandelion’s Caradella.

Caradella had a vast network of connections because she did small activities in civic groups before that.

Thanks to this, it was helpful in the secret activities of the revolutionary group.

The temple regained its lost power and posted criticisms in daily newspapers aimed at the royal family, and critics of the royal family were emerging along with the temple.

The biggest scandal would have been the heretical beliefs of the king.

Seeking eternal life

People themselves began to reject heresy beliefs.

And Alyssa.

She was playing a role as the author Criminal and also as a Cambridge mistress.

Alyssa often met Mona, Gilbert, and Sid, and she was still serializing the story of Clemore, and working hard on donations.

And she finally accepted her new friend.

She ended up with a good friend named Dania.

After leaving Gerald, which she had known, Dania got a small mansion near Cambridge, where she was living.

After that day.

“Alyssa! Did you forget that we decided to eat together today”


It has been going back and forth like this.

Dania was a more lively person than she thought, and she often had a hard time fitting, but she liked her.

Even though she preached to the nobles the purpose of the revolutionary group, she had a firm determination to a country without a royal family.

She was a nice person.

Alyssa laughed as she served tea to Dania.

“It’s a brand new restaurant, and it tastes pretty good.

People who visited said it was not a waste to waste a thousand gold.”

“Really I’m looking forward to it.”

“……Are you not interested again It’s a soulless tone.”

Dania pouted her lips.

However, she did not pester Alyssa.

Alyssa is indifferent, but she knew she was kind to Dania.

She had already stepped her feet in Alyssa’s boundary.

‘Our writer, you should eat something delicious to gain some weight.’

How can a person be thin like chopsticks

She joined Ophelia and went here and there, but she remained unchanged.

As people’s perceptions of the royal family changed, the royal family’s position began to collapse.

Gradually, people began to criticize the royal family.

It was simply abandoning the attitude of reckless acceptance.

Dania pulled out a new magazine.

Alyssa was still concealing her own identity, and as far as Dania knew, everyone in this mansion knew she was the author Criminal.

Alyssa wasn’t used to hiding something, so it was natural.

However, for her sake, they were all turning a blind eye.

“This is the latest issue of Dandelion.

Another story of Clemore is up again.

Read it!”

Alyssa accepted the magazine with her cheeks blushing.

It was a little embarrassing for her to be presented with a novel written by herself as a gift.


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