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‘Dania doesn’t know Dania, but…’

Even though Clamore is breaking sales records day after day with unprecedented popularity, that’s all.

Alyssa was Alyssa.

She grabbed the magazine, and Dania squeezed out her eyes beyond it.

“Well, is it so fun”


Really, really fun! It is also trendy! I don’t think anyone I know doesn’t read this novel.”

“Is that much”

“Sure! You like it too, don’t you”

“What, what… yes.”

Alyssa nodded her head.

Dania’s heart as she watched the figure was released like a spring day.

Alyssa was a gentler and more cautious person than she thought.

Besides, when she looked at Alyssa, she was cute too.

She doesn’t even know if that’s why she was making fun of her more.

Dania swallowed a smile and drank her tea.

Alyssa opened the magazine.

Because she knew Dania would not stand back until she read the novel in front of Dania.

Let’s pretend to read quietly…

Alyssa quietly skimmed through her novel.

The life of the last princess, Clemore, was also at its peak.

She enjoys glorious freedom, hiding behind and helping to establish a new political system.

She was preparing to leave.

Isn’t Clemore also a by-product of the ruined royal family

She practically did not deserve to stand in this world as well.

Alyssa was preparing for Clemore’s death.

With that, Clemore will complete the new parliamentary system.

That was the complete ending of the novel, she thought.

At the same time, Alyssa was preparing a scenario leading to…… her death.

A life that was improving little by little was no comfort to Alyssa.

In the first place, it was a life that was out of place.

Alyssa, which was broken from the inside, was still in the mud, and she repeated the same thoughts.

‘I should have died.’


* * *

Seidrick opened a report from the south.

Pauline stood her shoulders wide open and a triumphant look in front of him.

The information contained income from southern iron ore.

The iron ore was sold to those who needed it, except for those that had gone to the imperial family.

That alone made huge profits.

It was the revolutionary group that bought most of the iron ore.

This was possible because there were significant numbers among those who made up the revolutionary group.

Instead of strengthening national defense and preparing for the rebellion of the revolutionary group, the royal family was obsessed with heretical beliefs.

‘It’s crazy.’

Seidrick curled his lips up.

As the royal family collapsed, Alyssa’s good deeds emerged.

That was thanks to Pauline’s hard work.

Pauline and Seidrick tacitly promoted her good deeds.

It was to separate Avery and Alyssa.

Even if the royal family dies in the future, Alyssa must survive.

She deserved it.

She took care of the hungry people on behalf of what no one of the royal family does.

People have already begun thinking of her and the royal family separately.

Not Avery’s Alyssa, but Cambridge’s Alyssa.

“It’s so smooth that it’s scary.”

Seidrick laughed happily.

The shipbuilding business has also entered the path of success.

A week ago, a commercial ship that floated on the sea successfully arrived in port after a demonstration voyage.

The businesses who traded using the long land route were anxious because they couldn’t contact Seidrick.

This is because if you use a ship, you will be able to cut the time by half and expand the range of items.

“There is still work to be done.”

Pauline criticized Seidrick in a bleak voice.

She was pointing out that he was still wandering outside and had not revealed his identity to Alyssa.

It was three years, a long three years.

Alyssa lived in Cambridge for three years without knowing her husband’s face.

“You have to know that you deserve a divorce.”


Seidrick coughed and turned his head.

At first, Kendrick was the reason, but he was too scared to speak now.

The relationship between Alyssa and the gardener “Sid” is getting deeper, even if it’s just a friendship.

The disappearance of Sid was like the disappearance of support for Alyssa.

Seidrick was afraid of her collapsing.

The first misplaced button was still a problem.

It would have been nice if he knew from the start that Alyssa wasn’t the same person as Avery.

He had given up such useless regrets for a long time.

Seidrick just thought about how to reveal his identity to Alyssa, and his head hurt.

He will soon receive a down payment in exchange for shipping the goods to the ship after he signs a contract with the business.

He planned to hand over some of the money to the king and relocate Kendrick’s grave.

Then the obstacle between Seidrick and Alyssa is completely cleared.

It’s not too long before he can reveal himself.

‘……I’m going crazy.’

Seidrick rubbed his eyebrows.


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