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Dania bit her lip.

She heard the news that the damn royals still went to Cambridge today.

They have neither day nor night; they have no morals nor no ethics.

They had nothing and were always acting self-indulgent.

With a beer mug in her hand instead of a teacup, Dania gulped and drank.

It wasn’t hard to tell that Alyssa was in trouble.

The revolutionary group also planted people around Alyssa, a significant figure.

To Dania, Alyssa was her writer, and she was a friend before then.

And she was the only qualified person to speak against the royal family—the only one who can help a country that has changed and turned into a mess.

So the revolutionary group began to pay attention to her.

Not as the princess of Avery, but as the person who will build this country up.

Dania was a member of such a revolutionary group.

Dania knocked on the revolutionary group’s door as herself, not as a member of the Gerald family.

She was already aware that the revolutionary group was working secretly, and Dania needed a perfect fence.

The royal family could turn their back on herself.

And, as expected, the queen has not given her attention since rumors circulated that Dania had joined a strange group secretly.

No, she would have lost interest in Dania from the moment she became independent from the family in the first place.


Dania wiped her lips.

A cold beer ran down her throat and warmed her stomach.

What is Alyssa doing now She thought she would buy Alyssa something she would like tomorrow.

The revolutionary group’s big day was just around the corner.

It is the first time such an armed demonstration is held, so great preparation was needed within the revolutionary group, and the incident happened while Dania wasn’t paying attention to Alyssa.

A week later, the most famous of the heretic temples was to be blown up.

They have no intention of harming people.

They wanted the downfall of the royal family, not the death of anyone.




“Can I sit down”

Dania nodded her head.

The whitish white hair was natural without any dye, the thick scent of cigars flowed from Caradella’s lips.

It wasn’t a day or two for Caradella to smoke cigarettes, so she wasn’t surprised.

She simply frowned at her, who was a little darker than usual.


“…have you been friends with Alyssa”


I had an opportunity to get to know each other.”

Caradella stared blankly at the cigar she was holding between her fingers, and then she continued smoking her cigarette for a while.

Dania glanced at Caradella and gently lowered her glass.

For some reason reading Caradella’s countenance, she couldn’t interfere with the gloom she had.

She is called the lion of the street for what she was thinking, and her eyes have been transformed like that of a beast to match her majesty.

Her question was not unusual, perhaps because Caradella knew that she was acquainted with Alyssa.

Carradella rubbed off the cigar and ordered a drink.

It wasn’t long before the beer filled with foam was emptied at once.

“Does she still look sick”


“I asked if she still looks sick.”



Caradella replaced her empty drink with a full one.

“Did I tell you the story of the first time I met her”

“Nobody knows.”

Caradella smiled faintly.

“It’s old.

A girl who was abused escaped and jumped into my store.

I then sold her fountain pen.”


Perhaps she had heard of it.

“She was skinny and grinning with a face bruised here and there.

Her clothes were of the highest quality silk, but she had no protection.”


“That girl was Alyssa.

Alyssa Avery.

She is a bastard and an illegitimate child of the royal family.

I didn’t know her at first, but as I got along, I found out.”


“So, you know what I did”

Dania shook her head.

“I yelled.

I yelled at her not to ever come to see me again, and I kicked her out.

I then told her to do something productive when she has time for whining.”

Caradella smirked.

Now she knows how arrogant and stupid it sounded.

She emptied the beer glasses one after another and let out a sigh.

“I had to show them.

Isn’t Alyssa a royal child Even at the time, I was being chased and suspected of being part of a revolutionary group, so I had to show that the kid wasn’t entangled.”

So she cut Alyssa off as hard as she could.

But, if she had known that Alyssa’s life would be hell after that…

If we go back to that time, we might get better results.

Caradella stared blankly into the air.

How did this country fall into this shape The nobility feared the existence of the revolution group.

If there is no dirt on them, there is no need at all.


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