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Taking a walk in the garden at night was a different feeling than doing it during the day.

Of course, the fact that she was with someone has a more significant influence, but the person who stood by Alyssa was a good person, so even the night would have been bright.

To her, he was meaningless.

Alyssa smiled softly, covering her lips with a book.

“What are you thinking You didn’t really do anything yesterday, right”

Sasha asked in an anxious voice.

She was anxious every moment when her master was silent.

Besides, Alyssa returned in the early morning with a shawl on and dirty slippers.

She, who always maintains an upright and noble image, does such a sudden act.

That was one of the things that made Sasha uneasy.

And the only time she crosses the line like this is when Alyssa makes a sudden move out of the blue.

Alyssa lifted her head, unable to resist Sasha’s insistence with her tenacious question.


Nothing happened.

I told you.

I just went out to the garden at dawn.”

“The door wasn’t locked”

“That’s right.”

At Alyssa’s words, Sasha dismissed her doubts.

“I believe you, Madam.”


“…I don’t think you’re weird, I do.”

Sasha’s voice was so desperate that Alyssa had no choice but to nod her head over and over again.

Alyssa couldn’t even talk about what happened in the Magic Garden and about the people she met there.

It was even more so because she had Sid in her heart, and she would have nothing to say if she was accused of being a bad woman.

Alyssa put the book down, hiding her complicated mind.

“What should I do today”

“…most of the work was done by Grand Madam Juliana.

Please just look at the invitation.”

Alyssa sighed briefly.

“She doesn’t have to ….”

“She seems to care about what happened yesterday.”

“Ah ….”

Alyssa widened her eyes.

She forgot.

She got fully aware of the shame and insults suffered by Vanessa and Norfe the day before.

As if the magical night she spent with Sid erased her memories.

“I’m fine.”

“……Your cheeks are swollen, madam.

I will make an ice bag.”


Alyssa rubbed her cheek and lifted her hand.

Because the bitter pain tormented Alyssa, if it had hurt like this, it must have been very swollen, but she didn’t even feel it when she looked in the mirror.

It was proof that she was thinking about something else all day.

But she liked that kind of confidence.

Alyssa swept her lips and bashfully smiled.

Just thinking about yesterday, which was left as a page of memories, was short.

It may have been today’s luck derived from yesterday.

Alyssa handed over the invitation.

Cambridge used to be bombarded with numerous invitations, most of which were invitations waiting for her and Seidrick to come together.

So, it’s safe to say that Alyssa only had a few invitations to accept.

She’s still unfamiliar with Seidrick because she’s never met him properly…


Alyssa’s finger stopped at one invitation.

Her gaze flickered relentlessly.

It was the only invitation for Alyssa only.

An invitation card where the name of ‘Sarah Univert Avery’ is neatly written on it.

It was an invitation from the royal family.

An invitation from the Crown Princess, neither the queen nor anyone else.

In Alyssa’s hand, the invitation was crumpled.

It must have been a contest for her, disguised as a little tea party.

The crown princess took advantage of her position to embarrass Alyssa often, and since she conceived a child, no one has been able to disobey her will.

Even the queen.

She has risen as the most powerful force of this kingdom.

Neither Alyssa nor Seidrick could do anything about Sarah.

I don’t know why Sarah is so hostile towards Alyssa.

Every time she enjoys putting Alyssa in trouble and insulting her.

When people reluctantly laughed at Alyssa, she used to be unquestionably happy.


Alyssa bit her lip.

Happiness and misery were always stuck on both sides like a coin, especially for Alyssa.

Now it was the turn of misery.


Seidrick jumped up.


Pauline turned a blind eye to Seidrick, who was showing unprecedented excitement.

The hard work he’s been working on has finally paid off.

The ship they launched from a test run returned earlier than expected.

The boat was strong enough to carry a lot of cargo, and there was no damage even if it operated at a higher speed than expected.

As a result, contracts were pouring in.

Among them, Seidrick signed a contract with a business that offered the highest down payment.

A down payment of hundreds of millions of gold had fallen into his hands.

His heart was pounding, and his hands were shaking.

Seidrick covered his lips with a trembling hand.

Finally, a new opportunity was given to him.

With that money, the royal family could return Kendrick’s ashes.

A total of 1 billion gold.

Seidrick scribbled 50 million gold on a blank check and handed it to Pauline.

“Give this to Caradella.

It has to be delivered secretly.”


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