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This was one of the things he had been preparing for a long time.

He was preparing to create a reason why the king will be in desperate need of money.

At Seidrick’s words, Pauline closed her mouth as she was handed the check.

Inserting it between the books without anyone noticing, she got herself up.

This amount will be transferred to Carradella to be used as a fund for the revolutionary group.

Seidrick stared until the end as Pauline was going.

That would be the only way to save Kendrick and Alyssa.

Seidrick’s eyes fell silent.

Seidrick looked out the window and pulled out a cigar.

He wasn’t a smoker.

However, in frustration, your heart settles for the rough ride and throws it away.

He put the pungent cigar in his mouth.

He can’t smoke because he thinks of Kendrick, who said he should never smoke; it’s just for comfort.

For the past three years.

Seidrick had no one to lean on.

Because he had to support others, the only thing he could rely on was this cigar.

Just as Seidrick had reached a dead end, so was this kingdom.

The royal family had no answer.

Thanks to the novel by Criminal, public opinion was rising in favor of the abolition of the royal family.

Even in the temple, they began to move their heavy bodies.

The king was criticized for wasting vast amounts of money on heresy in pursuit of eternal life.

The kingdom was slowly on its way down.

No flower stays red for ten days, no empire where the sun rises for a thousand years.

This country will also come to an end according to the same order.

Seidrick threw the cigar that left a bitter taste in his mouth into the trash.

Just like that cigar.

It should be thrown away without regret.


Caradella opened the back door of the magazine office.

Caradella’s face, as she greeted Pauline in person, was as bright as ever.

“I came to pay the price as promised.”

“…the Duke has kept the time.”

“Now it’s your turn to keep your promise.”

“Of course.”

Caradella nodded her head.

Three years ago, the Duke of Cambridge, Seidrick, came to visit her.

He came to her knowing that she was running a revolutionary group, promised her a huge donation, and offered a word to support the downfall of the royal family.

She had no idea that the central nobles would intervene in this matter.

Caradella initially refused, but soon she decided to fall for Seidrick’s earnestness.

The story of Seidrick, who lost his house hero and became a caged bird overnight, was famous.

Besides, Seidrick was married to Alyssa.

This was also another opportunity for Caradella, who wanted to keep Alyssa by her side somehow.

So Carradella accepted Seidrick as an anonymous donor.

She opened the book and checked the check inside.

50 million gold.

It was an amount that could covertly purchase enough gunpowder to blow up a huge temple.

The old revolutionary pleasantly raised her lips.

With this, both Seidrick and Caradella will get what they want.

“I’m going to put it to good use.”

“…how long will it take”

“It will be a week.”

Pauline nodded her head.

In particular, Caradella will keep her promises because she is sure to get the job done.

In a week, the central temple of the heretical faith that the king is bound to worship will disappear.

The king will go crazy.

He was about to sacrifice his country for his own eternal life.

The head of the heretical faith was attached to the king’s back and sucked everything up like a parasite.

The leader will once again whisper to the king.

‘You must build a new central temple.

The god who lost the temple is angry.’

Well, similar to that.

Pauline left the magazine with a fresh heart.

Fortunately for her, there was no one watching her.

After the central temple disappears, the king will need money to build a new one as the head wishes.

Seidrick will then step out.

In exchange for returning Kendrick’s ashes, he would hand over hundreds of millions of gold.

It was a sweet and perfect plan.


The tea party hosted by Sarah was a week later.

Alyssa didn’t want to go there.

That was the problem; it was not something she could do at her own disposal.

A message arrived from Seidrick to Alyssa.

One could say that it was the first communication between the married couple.

[Buy what you need.]

It was blunt, neat handwriting.

No matter how many times she looked, the duke’s seal was evident.

What a change of heart.

Alyssa shook the envelope and pulled out what was inside it.

What’s inside…..

‘This is… !’

Alyssa’s pupils dilated.

It was the same amount as the royal budget confiscated the other day for Vanessa’s marriage fund.

‘He knows!’

Alyssa slowly covered her mouth.

It was a strange feeling.

It’s like someone was protecting Alyssa from behind… Doing something no one else has ever done, such a warm and comfortable feeling.

It was a confidence that Seidrick had been working hard to protect Alyssa.

Seidrick leans towards protecting Alyssa.

It was a feeling she didn’t even know.


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