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“Excuse me.”

I knew it.


“What are you doing now”

“Im trying to do ice fishing.

Even in winter, the water inside does not freeze, so you can catch fish.”


Ive never heard of anything like this.”

Alyssa got one step closer.

Seidrick, who was going to set up a bonfire while waiting for the fish to be caught, did not respond to the princesss words and carefully lit it.

Alyssas eyes glistened as if it was strange.

Alyssa chatted again.

“If the fish is caught, are you grilling it here By any chance, could you give me some Oh, of course I will pay!”

Alyssas stomach gave a sound.

Seidrick opened his eyes.

“Are you not able to eat”

“Oh, thats…”

Alyssa mumbled and swallowed the worse.

Since she came to Cambridge, she hasnt been comfortable at heart, and since she always vomited, she had never felt full.

Alyssa said awkwardly.

“Well, because I ate a lot! When I walk around, I get hungry… Ahahaha.”

Seidrick replied with a voice mixed with sighs.

“How much will you give me”

Can you give all the property back It is stated that transfer of the name is impossible, but there is something that the royal family missed.

Since it was not owned by the royal family, but was owned by Princess Alyssa, she can sell Kendricks gifted property if she decides.

If they can hit the gap and give the property to Seidrick, he will get the property back.

More than anything else, he wanted to get his hands on the land that Kendrick received for winning the war.

Didnt his brother ask him to build a villa there one day to go with the family It is said that there are forests that Seidrick will love, and Ophelias favorite plays are often held.

So lets go play together.

The stories Kendrick had been talking about while getting drunk were still lingering in his mind.

Seidrick lowered his head to hide his expression.

“Uh… well.

I dont have any money with me right now.

Can I give it to you tomorrow”

Alyssa asked sadly.


Not wanting to continue the conversation with her anymore, Seidrick replied briefly.

 As if she was stubborn, Alyssa approached Seidrick with a sullen face.

“Really! I live in a Cambridge mansion, and I have money when I get back!”

“No big deal… Im sorry, but I have a lot of money.”

Alyssa pouted her lips.

“Youre sorry”

“Because I dont know how to comfort people and make friends.

So yes.

No big deal…”

Alyssa cleared her throat.

Make friends…

“The quickest would be to listen to what they want.”

What they want Alyssa tilted her head.

What Ophelia and Mrs.

Juliana want Something they might want.

Alyssa breathed, and inhaled.

That was how she came up with the best strategy.

“Wow, wow! Thank you so much, unknown gardener!”

“…Call me Sid.”

Why Seidrick, who unwittingly spit out the nickname that only his family used, became confused for a moment.

“Okay, Sid! I had a really good idea.

Why didnt I think about it”

Seidrick stared at Alyssa with a stony face.

“At dinner tonight, I have to ask mother and Lady Ophelia to go pay their respects together.

Its at the royal cemetery”

“Together… You mean”

No, youre saying you allowed this right away Seidrick turned to Alyssa in surprise.

It was definitely something that the two would want the most.

Seidrick was a royal, but he was not in a good position to come and go.

However, Princess Alyssa is different.

In addition, Seidrick was well aware of Ophelias hostility toward Alyssa.

His sister hated her as much as she loved Kendrick.

So Alyssas choice was never easy.

“Oh, I can wait outside.”

The sound of Alyssas small mumble passed through Seidricks ears unfortunately.

But he couldnt hear that, thinking only about the fact that Alyssa was taking Juliana and Ophelia to Kendrick.

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“Theyll love it.”

Seidrick showed sincerity after a long time.

As she watched Sid smile brightly, Alyssa nodded without knowing it.

‘Oh, I can wait outside…

Wouldnt it be possible to just wait for Juliana and Ophelia outside the mausoleum while they meet Kendrick Yes, thatll do.

As a member of Avery, she may feel sorry for meeting Kendrick, but also Juliana and Ophelia, who were together with her, can be uncomfortable.

Alyssa accepted with her own thoughts and smiled at the gardener.

With a sweet little misunderstanding.


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