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Juliana and Ophelia seemed to be trying to endure the waiting and excitement after Seidrick went to the royal castle by redecorating the mansion.

New curtains and carpets were installed.

All the while, Ophelia did not let Alyssa’s hand go.

Alyssa accompanied her to the front of the portrait placed in the empty central hallway.

Alyssa did not dare stand in front of this place.

The place where the portrait of a harmonious family should have been hung was empty, leaving only traces of it.

Alyssa seemed to be able to guess why, so she couldn’t ask anything.

Kendrick must have been in the family portrait.

If a portrait of a family member who died unfairly is hung in the hallway every day, every time you pass by that place, you will feel deeply saddened.

“Ophelia, I…”

“I’m going to hang a new family portrait in this place.”

Alyssa hesitated as she didn’t know what to say.

A new family portrait.

And Ophelia said something she could not have guessed.

“Alyssa and Kaihan are missing.”

Alyssa, who had not heard correctly, turned her head and asked again.


Juliana approached them.

The Grand Madam gently wrapped her arms around Alyssa’s shoulder.

“Before Kendrick returned, we promised never to take out the family portrait.

I couldn’t even raise my head in front of him.”

What could Alissa say to them now If they wanted to criticize Alyssa, she would listen to any harsh words and silently become the subject of their anger.

It’s worth it like, the warmth that Ophelia and Juliana give to Alyssa.

Alyssa stood like a painting, her face hardened gray and white.

However, it was different from her own expectations.

The very warm words came back.

“Now I thought he would return again.

But the portrait was not perfect.”


Alyssa asked slowly.

Her ears were numb.

She can’t even tell if the words she’s hearing are correct.

What does it mean to say that the portrait is not perfect Alyssa took a breath.

Does she have to leave this mansion for the portrait to be perfect Indeed, that may be what it means.

Alyssa’s heart started pounding.

It’s something she’s been preparing for a long time, so she thought it could be.



She hated going like this without saying anything to him—Sid, who first reached out to Alyssa and helped her adjust to this mansion.

Alyssa doesn’t know if he’ll wait for her, but she’s been taught to be polite even among her friends.

She wished she had time to at least say goodbye to Sid.

However, Alyssa’s thoughts, which had reached their peak, were scattered the moment Juliana opened her mouth.

“I ordered a new portrait for you and Kaihan.

The painter is going to visit tomorrow.

As much as I, Ophelia, and Seidrick have changed, the portraits must also be revised.

When the portrait with all of us in it is completed, then I plan to hang it again.”

Juliana prepared some warmer words.

She patted Alyssa on the shoulder, picking out the words that might be her favorite and necessary.

She said slowly and clearly as Juliana took deep breaths.

“Aren’t you also part of our family now”

Alyssa’s purple pupils trembled.

As if it is always full of melancholy.

The eyes attract people’s attention.

Those kinds of eyes make the hearts of the viewers dazzle.

Julianna hugged Alyssa.

“I’m sorry, and you’ve worked hard, Alyssa.”

Alyssa’s eyes turned red.

She… she didn’t deserve to hear this.

Wasn’t she thinking of leaving this mansion in the first place Besides, she had someone she shouldn’t have as a married person.

When she felt she had to go, Sid, no one else, came to mind.

Sid, the gardener from Cambridge.

Alyssa bit her lip.

Her heart was about to burst with guilt, so she closed her eyes.

‘You’re crazy, Alyssa.’

Even at this moment, Alyssa was thinking of Sid, her eyes like recordings.

Alyssa’s feet began to turn dark.

Even though she had heard the words she had hoped for so far, her nausea seemed to soar.

Her hatred for herself did not stop.

‘You’d better die, Alyssa.’

Alyssa, who laid a deep curse, let out a long breath.

* * *

Seidrick took a deep breath and patted the thick envelope on his chest.

How much work did he put in for today He searched Caradella, made contact, and helped the revolutionary group blow up the central temple.

It was also Seidrick also gave them a secret channel to buy gunpowder.

He was helped by the relationships he had made while wandering on the sea in the past.

And it was finally today.


Seidrick’s steps were slow and fast, heavy and light.

Only the sound of his footsteps echoed through the empty corridor.

To rescue his and Cambridge’s idol from the tyrant at the end of this road.

The servant knocked on the king’s audience room.

“Your Majesty, Lord Seidrick has arrived.”

“Come in.”


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