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For a while after Kendrick’s return, mourners continued to pour into Cambridge.

As if they were trying to pay their respects that they had never done before.

The royal cemetery did not allow the general public to pay tribute to the hero, so the complaints of the people of the kingdom did not cease.

However, the royal family has always been dogmatic, and the people have never paid tribute to their hero, Kendrick.

Seidrick opened the gates of Cambridge.

Thanks to this, people were able to see the famous Duchy’s house for the first time.

They were polite to Kendrick, even to the Duchy.

They did not tamper with objects recklessly and did not invade unopened areas.

To them, Kendrick was a sanctuary well worth it.

Despite the fact that more than a hundred people came and went through the Duchy’s house a day, there was no disturbance at all.

The caretaker of the family cemetery had to remove the chrysanthemums several times a day but did not complain at all.

Those were the days.

Ophelia, who had been exposed to the rain, lay ill with a fever.

On the third day, the fever barely subsided.

Kaihan’s family and Cambridge agreed to postpone the wedding by about a month.

Kaihan and Ophelia will only get married after a new Cambridge portrait is released.

Around the same time that those who still remember Kendrick had mourned him at least once and returned, Alyssa headed there.

In the meantime, she hadn’t even stepped out of her room while writing the manuscript for Criminal.

Then Sasha asked.

‘Madam, you actually want to go to Lord Kendrick, right, so why are you just looking like that’

‘Avery can’t get involved in their mourning.’


‘Avery is still alive, Sasha.

They can’t help but think of Avery when they see me.

So it is right for me to take a step back.’

Ever since the day Alyssa let out all her feelings to Sasha, somehow, she has become detached.

She sat quietly on the desk like a still life with a sullen expression on her face.

She sometimes looked at the side of the garden as if she was about to explode, but that was all.

‘I’ll sort it out.

I’ll just… leave it as a memory.’

She seemed to be brainwashing herself that she should.

That was Alyssa’s last week.

Dressed in a black dress and black hat, Alyssa’s pale face was draped in black mesh.

She took a deep breath as she walked the path countless feet had traveled.

Her shoulders seem to be getting heavier.

So many people loved Kendrick.

Guilt for taking Kendrick from them surged again.

As her slender steps increased, Alyssa’s shoulders drooped.

She arrived at the cemetery, where there are still people.

People brushed past her as if they didn’t care for her.

Alyssa grabbed the chrysanthemum in her arms.

It was a bouquet that she had asked Sasha for.

It was a modestly bloomed chrysanthemum of a size that was not too big.

Alyssa stood in the spot where there were traces of people going back and forth.

The chrysanthemum flowers piled up to the point where the tombstones could not be seen swaying in the cool wind.

Alyssa stared at it with her still eyes.

Taking a deep breath, she set her bouquet down on it.

“…I finally meet you, Lord Kendrick Cambridge.”

It’s been a long time now.

Alyssa the Princess had never visited Kendrick’s cemetery, even though she could have visited at any time.

The purple eyes that contained sorrow sank to black.

It was a mixed trace of the remnants of various emotions.

She and Kendrick were entangled regardless of their will.

Alyssa lowered her head slowly.


She was now able to convey the words that she had never been able to say.

Avery would repeat their words over and over as Alyssa replaced them with words she could never have said.


Lord Kendrick.”

She knows that Kendrick, who has lost his life, will not restore his youth and life with these simple words.

However, there was a difference between speaking and not speaking.

Alyssa slowly raised her head.

She could see the tombstone, which had been challenging to look at before, with a little light mind.

‘Are you at peace there’

It was something she could never have asked.

Alyssa smiled like she was about to break.

She stood there alone for quite a long time.

After the long thought, Alyssa opened her mouth again.

“I’m not going to insult or ruin Lord’s Cambridge, I promise.”

Alyssa bowed her head once more and turned her body.

Now forgetting Sid and leaving Cambridge was all she could do for this place.

Alyssa slowly left the graveyard.

People were coming from the front.

They are strangely familiar as they walk solemnly with their head bowed.

‘Did anyone say that someone else is coming today’


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