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It started to rain.

It was unreasonable to be in the garden any longer.

Seidrick took a long breath and took off his jacket, spreading it wide to cover Alyssa and his own head.

Alyssa and Seidrick stood close in the pouring rain.

Standing like that under his narrow jacket, their hot breath mixed with the cold moisture.

His skin shone through the wet and sticky fabric.

Not knowing where to put her gaze, Alyssa eventually turns her head away.

The briskly burning earlobes poked out over the pure white nape of her neck.

Seidrick stared at it with still eyes.


It was raining, and all the noise was cut off, and only the sound of the rain seemed to be heard loudly.

Water drops from Alyssa’s hair wet the nape of her neck.

Seidrick held his breath and turned his head.

“…it looks like we’re going to have to avoid the rain around here.”

Alyssa reached out her hand over the jacket.

The terrifying raindrops dripped and wet her hands.

It was as if the rainwater rushing down her palms painfully washed away Alyssa’s sins.

At this moment, Alyssa’s sins must be fluttering towards Sid.

The fact that she and Sid were alone in the rain and their skin was trembling helplessly.

It was clearly her own sin.

Still, she did not want to lose this sweetness, so Alyssa did not escape from Sid.

All she can do is watch the rain fall under his loosely draped jacket.

“Is there any shelter from the rain Gilbert’s hut is also far from here.”

“There is an unused villa in the back over there.”

“…is the owner the Duchy of Cambridge Can we use it”

“It has been a long time since it was abandoned.

It was made for Gilbert and Mona’s house, but I heard they turned it down.”

Alyssa’s guilt eased a little.

The roots of the trees exposed in the heavy rain kept getting caught under her feet.

Alyssa, who was about to stumble and fall, was supported by Seidrick.

“… these shoes are not suitable for a day like today.”

“Because I didn’t know it was going to be a day like this.”

It feels like each other’s identities are covered by the rain.

Even the lies that deceive each other, Alyssa replied with a white smile.

“If we go, there will probably be comfortable clothes ready.

There may also be shoes to change into.

There will probably still be hot water.”


After that, it was perfect silence.

They just listened to the warmth and breath that passed between them.

As Seidrick supported Alyssa, a scorching heat passed through the thin sheets of cloth.

That alone perfectly imprinted each other’s existence.

It was a very long and short time.

In front of the villa were piles of damp firewood.

Sid’s words that it had been neglected for a long time did not seem to be a lie.

“Come in first, Lisa.”

Seidrick let Alyssa in and took out the dry wood from the pile.

Holding it in his arms, he went into the villa.

Then, there was only a trace of Alyssa, who couldn’t do anything, as if trying to do something hard inside.


“Ah… I think I need to wipe the dirt off the floor a little bit….”


She was holding a dishcloth to wipe off the dust.

Not a bad choice, but in this spacious living room, using a small dishcloth…

Seidrick, smiling lightly, nodded his head and set the wood by the fireplace.

“Come here.”

Alyssa, who hesitates at Seidrick’s call, sits next to him.

Seidrick, who lit the fire with his hand, held the wood in her hand.

“You just put them in one by one.


“Can’t we do it all at once”

“…The light is still weak, so if you do that, it might go out.

Once the fire has been completely lit, put the next firewood.”


Alyssa laughed awkwardly.

He roughly cleaned up the area and pulled out a dry blanket.

Seidrick, who wrapped it around Alyssa’s shoulder, asked.

“Just be still.”

“But, Sid…!”

“Staying still helps.

Lisa, don’t make me say hurtful things anymore.”

The last words were so solemn that she could no longer act.

Alyssa nodded her head.

“…I’ll sit still and watch the fire.”

“Good idea.”

Alyssa turned her head towards the fire.

It’s like putting all her thoughts into the blazing fire.

She stayed in the room for a week and finished three weeks’ worth of manuscripts.

The death scenario prepared for Clemore was ‘illness.’ A disease that gnaws Clemore from the heart.

Although it looks like the head that moves a person, there is an analysis result that it is actually the heart.


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