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After Seidrick decided to treat the disease, Alyssa took over what he had been doing.

This will be the driving force that keeps Alyssa alive for a while.

It wasn’t too difficult for her to take over because Seidrick had solved all the complex tasks.

Instead, it was the vague relationship with Seidrick that was tormenting.

Seidrick looks into Alyssa’s eyes, and she ignores him.

It was a relationship that continued like that.

So far, Alyssa has never had the dominating hand in any relationship with people.

She has always been a weakling and was harassed by others.

But she changed it afterward.

Alyssa could have been either a coercive tyrant or a gentle master for Seidrick.

He made her that way.

Of course, Alyssa to Seidrick.

She wasn’t very friendly.

“…What is the meaning of this usage The fact that the down payment went out so much….”

“It was given to the royal family.

I had to buy Kendrick’s remains like a merchant.

How dare I, I… Kendrick’s remains.”

At this moment, Alyssa became weak against Seidrick; when she witnessed the foul and filthy deeds committed by the royal family.

She becomes so small when she considers Avery’s blood a sin.

Seidrick digs into those gaps like crazy.

Whether he wants it or not.

“…I see.”

Alyssa checked where the large sums of money had escaped.

“And, Duchess.

You should look at this too.”

Pauline handed the file to Alyssa with an awkward smile.

It was none other than the papers related to the revolutionary corps.

They grew up with so much help from Cambridge that it would be difficult to continue their work without Seidrick’s support.

Because manufacturing explosives costs a lot of money.

If Seidrick wasn’t in his place, this was another of Alyssa’s jobs to confirm.

She was not at all surprised that her husband was helping the revolutionary corps.

Because it was, to some extent, the truth, she was expecting.

If not, knowing that Alyssa was the writer Criminal, Pauline guessed she wouldn’t turn it down.

Abolishing the royal family is a heavy matter for her too.

The novel, in which Alyssa is risking her career, is now the driving force behind all of this.

And, as Pauline expected, Alyssa looked at the papers with a calm expression on her face.

“…that’s how it happened.”

Alyssa murmured.

“Was it Seidrick who commissioned the Revolutionary Corps to blow up the Central Temple”

“It wasn’t me; it was what they and I.”

Seidrick corrected Alyssa’s words.

“So the king needed money.

He is a devout believer in heresy.”

“……That’s right.”

“Thanks to that, you were able to bring Lord Kendrick back.”

“That’s right.”

Seidrick nodded his head.

Alyssa was quickly figuring out his work.

Alyssa had studied through the torment of the Queen.

These things are no problem for her.

The problem was that her heart was pounding dozens of times a day.

Alyssa smiled bitterly.

She hates Seidrick.

She resents him.

She hopes he disappears.

Still… She likes Seidrick like crazy.

She loves him.

She hopes that Seidrick will be with her forever.

The feelings that ran through Alyssa picked up and dropped her.

The pain of the mind is always more significant than the pain of the body.

Alyssa’s eyelids trembled.

This would be love and hate.

This feeling that she can neither love nor accept him to the fullest.

Alyssa turned away from Seidrick.

She was trying to ignore his gaze, who was just staring at her blindly.

Alyssa turned her head, and the cold exterior that appeared in front of him made Seidrick’s expression collapse.


Seidrick shook his head bitterly.

When the previous flowery smile had faded away, Alyssa never smiled once.

She acted like a dry old tree branch.

It was as if she had completely lost her smile.

It hurts his heart, so Seidrick muttered.

“I’m sorry……”

Alyssa let out a sigh.

She couldn’t help but say it was okay…


“Isn’t the state situation too unsettling these days”

The queen sat Cruno down and asked.

“Why do you give so much thought to uncivilized things In any case, once they feel the majesty of the royal family, it will soon fade away.”

Cruno answered indifferently.

There was nothing complicated about him.

With Sarah’s presence, he has gained the power of the House of Univert and will soon inherit the throne from his mad father.

If he becomes king, he would first execute the rebels and hang them on the gallows.

He will hang Seidrick at the forefront.

It didn’t matter whether he joined the rebellion or not.

It doesn’t matter what he wants for Cruno.

Cruno gave a fishy smile.

“It is, but… they need to look away.

I need something to sacrifice.”

“…there is no good way to cool the heat.

Any way Creating a new hero is the opposite.

It all happened because of Kendrick.”

“I also agree.

This is a mistake your father made.

We have to fix that.”

The queen bit her tongue and straightened her back.

To divert the eyes of the foolish people, a new sacrifice must be found.

To remind them that no matter how hard they try, the royal family will survive.

What kind of offering would be good

It would be nice if they do things against the royal family and shouldn’t be done.

“How about arresting the Revolutionary Corps”

“It will take some time to find their stronghold and sweep it all away.

I have already worked with the Knights to pursue them.

We’ll be able to find their stronghold soon.

So let them go.

Because if we cut off their tails, there are a lot of weak people who will just run away.”

“You mean uprooting the roots.

That’s good too.

So what kind of offering would you like”

“…how about Alyssa Cambridge”


“This is a girl who the royal family loves and behaves her way.

So she deserves to die.”

“Punishing Alyssa would only look like a quarrel between family members.

It’s stupid, but isn’t that girl from the royal blood”

“This is the biggest mistake my father made.”

Even the queen confirmed that statement.

Thinking of Norpe, who was injured thanks to Alyssa, still makes her teeth grind even while sleeping.

“Then what else is there”

“There is a way to stimulate the revolutionary corps without touching them.”

“What is it”

“It is to put civilians under the hands of the revolutionary group and execute them.”

Cruno’s eyes flashed meanly.

It was a gaze that gleamed as if it had been loaded with poison.

He spits out vile words like poison.



What is the Revolutionary Corps all about Aren’t they the ones who cause all sorts of riots on the pretext of serving the people That’s why they capture the royal family and make the revolutionaries go crazy.

At that time, you can set a good example for the people who sympathize with them.

Besides, it could be a wake-up call for others.”

Not a bad way.

The queen nodded her head.

These days, too many things looked down on the royal family, including Alyssa and Dania.

It was good to show them how far the royal family could go.

The queen agreed.


I like your plan.

Let’s do it right now.”

“Yes, mother.”

* * *

Meanwhile, Alyssa commissioned a new explosion from the Revolutionary Corps.

It was the second temple in the vicinity of the capital city, boasting a size as large as the central temple.

The more urgent the king, the more sloppy he will be.

He may come back to Cambridge to borrow money.

And it is to drive a wedge between the mad king and the queen.

This was the only thing she learned from the royal family.

She didn’t know how to use tricks that only let the queen die.

Even though she could do it, Alyssa would not have done it in a while.

“You want to divide the queen and the king”

Alyssa nodded her head to Seidrick’s question.

“The queen and the king have always been one.

The king tolerates whatever the queen does, and the queen is always the king’s strength.

But, what if the queen goes too far”

Alyssa’s intentions could not be guessed.

“How to say she went too far Their relationship is pretty solid.”

“I know it too.

But, the king always values money the best.

The money that goes into heretical faith is not cheap.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the king collected taxes from the people and built shrines across the country.

He is a man who will do anything to gain eternal life.”

“I know that.”

“What if he finds out the queen has stolen the king’s money”

Alyssa’s pure white face had that much white smile.

At this moment, Alyssa seems to shine more than anyone else.

“She’s  only been harassing other people so far, so let’s face her again.”

Alyssa’s purple eyes blazed with revenge and hatred.

“Do you have any evidence”

“The proof that I’m alive, Seidrick.

And I have royal records.

In the meantime, the queen has made me do many things.

One of them was to manage the double ledger operated by the queen.”

Alyssa also had something to believe in.

For a while, she had been thinking about where to put this.

It must have been saved for this moment.

“If it were made public, the king might kill the queen.”

Alyssa’s voice was drenched with strange longing.

Maybe Alyssa is a much stronger person than Seidrick


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