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“…Not much.

I can do it for you two.”

This could dilute Alyssas guilt for a very short time.

It wasnt just for them… Seeing the joy like this made her feel sorry, she should speak out a little bit faster.

“Thank you.”

Alyssa shook her head quickly.

Really, they never had to.



Alyssa laid her tired body on the bed.

As she stretched, a light smile was drawn on her face.

Its been so long since shed smiled.

A laugh blossomed on Sashas face following her.

“You look good, Miss.”

“Yes… Its really nice today.”

It was complicated and subtle, but what is certain is that a heavy load has been lifted off and she felt lighter.

She was proud of the fact that she had finally done something that would help Ophelia and Juliana.

To the extent that she felt stupid, for not thinking of this before.

Alyssa lay in bed and blinked, while Sasha took the shoes off her feet.

“I can take off my shoes…”

Sasha brought warm water and towels that Sasha had prepared and sat at Alyssas feet.

Sasha asked her master as she rubbed her hard-footed feet after walking through the woods all day.

“So when did you decide to go”

“Hmm… the day after tomorrow.

He said it would be better to be as fast as possible… But it seemed that it would have to be done the day after tomorrow to send a telegram to the royal family in advance.”

“Are you going with Miss Ophelia”

“Of course.

I think I liked her more than my mother.”

Sasha showed a light of relief with a long sigh, as if the tension had been released.

Alyssa wasnt the only one who hasnt smiled since entering this place.

Sasha who followed her also rarely smiled.

When she lifted her mouth a little, Alyssas heart was also comfortable.

“Wow… you must thank the gardener for making such an offer.”


Is there anything I can use”

“For the gardener”

“Yes, today there is someone who helped me take my heavy burden off.

Id like to give him a small thing in return, but would you please take a look at the box”

“I will give it to you tomorrow.

Are you going to go to the garden tomorrow too”

“To do so.”

Sashas diligent hand didnt rest even though she was dealing with Alyssas words.

Its nice to see Alyssa, who was wearing a tearful face every day, smiling like this.

She hated the situation for having blood ties with the royal family even though she was of no sin.

In addition, the royal family sent Alyssa to Cambridge and turned the arrow of blame on her.

A place that made a lonely person even more lonely and unhappy… In the end, Alyssa was also a victim.

“It would be nice if Seidrick could go with us…”

Alyssa hesitated to speak up the name of her husband, who she did not even know how he looked like.

There is only one thing that she can clearly remember in her faint memories.

Since long ago, the relationship between Seidrick and Kendrick has been famous, so she thought he would probably like it.

At the moment, Alyssas thoughts were over and she jumped up.

It was because in the morning she heard the news that he was at the house.

“Ah, what a surprise! Miss”

“Did you say the Duke is back”

“Yes, thats what I heard.”

“He didnt attend dinner…”

“I know he is just stuffed up in the office, Miss.

He must be very busy.”

Alyssa nodded.

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‘I see…

Even Alyssa knows that Seidrick is busy.

She doesnt know the details, but he took over what Kendrick was doing.

She heard.

It was a fact that Sasha asked the maids to let them know for Alyssa who was curious.

As the maids hated the princess, Sasha also hated it, so it would have been quite difficult to obtain such little information.

Sasha, who worked hard for herself, was always full of gratitude and apologies.

“Then… it must be disturbing for me to go now.”

Sasha had a sad face.

No, it is the duke who has never visited the Princess bedroom in the past three months after getting married.

She didnt know what kind of reaction he would have.


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