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At that time—

Caradella climbed the steps of the temple.

She stood in front of the door, washed her hands with holy water, and took a bow.

She bowed her head in front of the sun god, the only god of the Avery Kingdom, and prayed for the kingdom’s safety.

Caradella’s face, lifting her face, was tinged with the intense sunlight.

Ah- aaahhh- ah-

The sound of singing resounding inside the temple penetrates her heart.

It was a song sung by young believers.

It is a sacred song about faith and love for the sun god.

Caradella’s heart also surged.

“…as always, please protect this Avery.”

The purpose of the revolutionary group and the intention of the temple do not match.

They will come to a conclusion today after a lengthy discussion.

And Alyssa will be the victim again, this time.

Caradella drew a cross.

“Let me bear this sin.”

It was an apology for the weight of the burden that those kind and soft shoulders would have to bear.

Caradella went up the stairs.

She saw the elder and the high priests coming to meet her.

They were wearing priest’s robes engraved with a gold pattern on a white background to mean the sun god.

With a mild sign, they greeted Caradella.

“Thank you for accepting this invitation, Miss Caradella.”

“Thank you for the invitation, Elder.”

“Today, we stand at a crucial crossroads in Avery’s future.

Please, under the protection of the Sun God, may we reach an amicable agreement.”

Caradella bowed her head.

The elder and the high priests led her to the heart of the temple.

It means that they are taking this matter seriously.

Caradella scoffed.

‘It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a temple, but I’ve never been to a place like this.’

Should she say this is all thanks to the royal family

Caradella pulled her lips up.

No matter their conclusion today, it didn’t seem like it would be very good for the royal family or Alyssa.

Precious seasonal fruits and drinks were prepared on the conference table.

Since it is a temple where killing is forbidden, she heard that they eat ordinary fruits.

Caradella shoved the tart fruit into her mouth with a shove.

The fruit’s acidity makes her stomach tingle, probably because she hasn’t been able to properly eat because she doesn’t have an appetite.

Caradella ignored it and gulped the water.

“…I would like to go straight to the main topic rather than the introduction because the matter is so precious that it is urgent.

Forgive me if you think it is rude.”


I agree with Miss Caradella.

Isn’t it something that is going to change the fate of a country Obviously, our meeting will be worthwhile and will help the country’s prosperity.”

The elder said with a benevolent smile.

“Once the revolutionary corps set a goal in the direction of abolishing the monarchy.

The royal family is no longer of use and can’t take care of the country anymore.

We decided that there was no need for the royal family.

“I agree with that opinion.

The royal family is no longer doing its job.

Nevertheless, they are sucking up taxes like blood and spending money in useless places.

The royal family’s role in the heresy faith is growing so large and plundering the people.”

“It’s because the king is weak.

However, the temple is aiming for a different goal than the Revolutionary Corps.”

“We decided that the Avery Kingdom was insufficient to recruit a new system.

Isn’t it a difficult time already We lost a hero in a war.

Now we have lost even a fence.

It squeezes the people too much.”

Caradella nodded her head.

There was no disagreement about it.

The people of the kingdom are already adjusting to the loss.

But wouldn’t losing the royal family mean a little bit more

They are discovering the royal family’s reputation with new enlightenment, but what if the royal family is really abolished

They will probably get confused.

“So, I would like to postpone the abolition of the monarchy system until a later date.

It would be nice if the royal family could choose to abolish the system themselves and appease the people’s hearts.

However, nothing is prepared now.

The other countries won’t sit still either.”



The rulers of each country will feel threatened.

They will probably try to destroy Avery.

To set an example for a country that has lost its royal family.”

“It is.”

They were locked in silence.

That part also came from within the revolutionary group.

The rulers of each country will not let Avery stand still because they cannot instill dreams in the people of the country.

Avery is in danger for a moment.

This is the country that Kendrick gave his life for.


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