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The queen went back and forth in the room.

By this time, the knights should have contacted her, but there was still no communication.

Besides, the town of Heidel was quiet.

Daily newspaper articles should be buzzing about the Heidel incident.


At the words of the queen, the maid bowed her head.


It was not passed on to the queen, but rumors that the Royal Knights had gone to Princess Alyssa had already been circulating.

They just want to delay its entry into the queen’s ears.

All those sparks will go to the employees.

The maids looked into each other’s eyes.

How many years have they been working under the Queen There was this kind of sense.

‘You didn’t tell her, right”

‘You too’


Eyes with that kind of meaning went back and forth.

Of course, their solidarity was broken when Princess Vanessa sprinted through the gates of the royal castle.

Vanessa, who came running like a feral dog, shouted aloud, omitting greetings and courtesy.

“Mother!!! Is it true that all the royal knights resigned and flocked to Alyssa”

“What… What does that mean!”

“Mother doesn’t know either That’s why there’s so much uproar in front of Cambridge! People are talking about the doom of the royal family!”


The queen wrinkled her face like a piece of paper.

“Who the hell is talking like that!!!! Did you mean Edmit left his position That’s a violation of the military law!”

“Where are those resigned knights!!! Ah, mother! What do you do with this, really! What the hell happened!”

Vanessa grilled the queen.


As soon as she heard the news, she got into the carriage heading to the royal castle.

All the Royal Knights are resigning! Then the palace is now empty…….

Fortunately, the guards still seemed to remain.

It has become quieter than before.

Unlike the past when it was crowded with people.

Fewer people were coming and going, and fewer people were working.

Vanessa could realize that fact with her skin from the long time she was in the royal castle.

The queen stroked her head.

“… Catch them… Ha, there’s no one to catch them.

Bring me Kruno.”

“Yes, Queen.”

The maids were thankful that there were no sparks and left the room quickly.

Either way, they won’t come back.

Even more so when considering the weight of a knight betraying their sworn lord and trying to make someone else their lord.

The knights left, prepared for the stigma they would inflict on them.

They will not turn their head to this royal family.

All of that was the royal family’s own fault, and the royal family should bear it in the future.

The maids looked at each other and sighed.

How did they bring something that has already gone back here

Many of the royal family had already gone back.


Who will go to the Crown Prince’s Palace”

There was silence.

Kruno slapped the maid’s cheek three times in succession when she reported the news, and the maid who was struck by the absurd sparks chose to return to her hometown.

Leaving behind such trivial matters, Kruno knocked on the queen’s room.

“Mother! Have you heard of the behavior of those cheeky ones”

“Of course, Kruno.

That’s why I found you in such a hurry.


How the hell am I supposed to solve this …… Kruno, why don’t you go and try to convince Edmit on your own Explain the position of the royal family and seek understanding.”

“Aren’t they arrogant! We need to drag them out and behead them right now, mother! It’s not something you can convince.”

“…who’s going to do that, brother”

Vanessa groaned.

“The Knights is empty.

Who will do that Guards”

Seeing Vanessa shrugging her shoulders, Kruno trembled.

He knew that she was not wrong.

How many people would be able to deal with those who served in the Royal Knights

They will not come to this place unless they return on their own feet.

Kruno slammed his foot and stomped them in anger.

His face, which was reddened, was filled with shame, anger, and various emotions.

Kruno walked through the room and smashed the door with his fist.

“Sons of  *****s! Dogs that bites its owner must be killed!!!”


Instead of that, we have to find another way.

If the king knows, will he stay still”

Kruno flinched at the Queen’s words.

The King was already displeased with Kruno.

If the matter is not resolved, what kind of damage will happen to Kruno

Kruno ruffled his hair.

“…I’ll talk to Edmit.

I’ll be back.”

Kruno quickly left the room.

He has to convince Edmit to solve the Heidel problem.

‘You have to do what you’re told to do!’

Why are you biting your master


Alyssa ignored the knights today.

Even though they went to see Alyssa from day to day.

There was nothing she could do for them.

The doors of Cambridge were firmly shut, and those passing by also took their eyes off the knights.

Alyssa pulled the curtains on the balcony.

“Are they protesting or what”

Alyssa, who muttered in a sighing tone, leaned against the door.

She doesn’t know why people make other people feel so uncomfortable.

However, she had no intention of becoming the king they wanted.

She is not the vessel for that.

Alyssa was a person who couldn’t even take care of herself.

‘Why me’

Even if she has no character.

She would rather have a way to find more of Avery’s distant relatives.

It’s not about pestering someone.

And if Alyssa decides to ascend to the throne, will she stay still in the temple The temple that kept their mouth shut despite Alyssa’s request while still watching the world

And what about the Revolutionary Corps Will the Revolutionary Corps break that stubbornness

In the first place, they were making unreasonable demands on Alyssa.

And Alyssa didn’t want to spend any more of her own efforts there.

“…I’ll go to Seidrick.”

The work to be taken over was not yet finished.

What she felt while carrying out Seidrick’s work was that she could understand to some extent the reason why Seidrick had not returned to the mansion.

Seidrick was said to have only slept three hours a day to fulfill his schedule.

It’s possible that she knew why he fell ill.

He was overdoing it.

Not only Alyssa but also Seidrick…

‘I like you.’

The memory suddenly came to mind.

Seidrick collided with Alyssa with all his heart.

On that day, she doesn’t know how often she was told that he liked her and loved her.

Even so, Seidrick acted like he wanted to vent his heart out.

He repeated the same thing over and over again, and he knocked on her heart.

He was like a child who didn’t know what to do.

‘I like you so much.

Really… .’

The tearful voice still seemed to permeate Alyssa.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be this clear.

Alyssa covered her ears.

‘I see.

I got it.”

Stop it.

Alyssa mumbled inside.

Even if Seidrick isn’t so hung up, she knows he likes Alyssa.

The time they spent together was not in vain.

Alyssa made her steps faster.

As if doing so would allow her to shake off the memories of that day.

With a slightly rough hand, Alyssa opened the door to Seidrick’s office.

“Ah, Alyssa, here you are.”

Seidrick and Pauline greeted her naturally now.

He got up from his seat and yielded the chair to Alyssa.

Seidrick smiled softly.

“You came on time today too.

First of all, these documents are what Alyssa needs to learn today.”

Alyssa looked at the papers piled up on one side of the desk with tired eyes.

“… Was this all Seidrick’s work”


I didn’t feel relieved if I didn’t do it myself.

I didn’t know it’d be handed over to Alyssa like this… I’m always sorry.”

“Not at all.”

Alyssa shook her head.

“I’m fine.

If Seidrick did it, I could do it too.

Besides, there are a lot of people who can help me.”

Pauline and Ophelia, as well as the new assistants Alyssa will pick if necessary.

Despite Alyssa’s words, Seidrick couldn’t hide his regret.

Just looking at her makes him feel sorry for her.

“Have you eaten”


I did.

What about Seidrick”

The polite question that Alyssa returned was also one of the factors that made Seidrick excited.

Seidrick nodded his head.

“I ate.

So I was about to take my medicine.”


Medicine, medicine.

Alyssa’s eyes darkened.

Seidrick’s sickness, which had not been fully realized in the past, will change so realistically.

Seidrick lost more weight than he did before.

Alyssa’s eyes subsided.

Alyssa’s heart sank as Seidrick took a pill enough to fill the palm of his hand.

Seidrick’s been holding up with so many drugs.

“… you’d better go soon.”


“I think you’d be better off getting treatment and coming back soon, Seidrick.”

Alyssa muttered with an aching heart.

“…I hate to see you sick.”

She doesn’t know how much comfort those words can give to Seidrick.

Seidrick smiled brightly like never before.

“Thank you.”


“Thank you for your concern.

Alyssa, thank you.”

He said thank you for what she did.

Alyssa exhaled her trembling breath.

She doesn’t know why nothing is so easy.


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