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In fact, she had received the oath of a knight several times before.

Although she was an illegitimate child, she was the princess of a country, and there were times when she had to stand in front of the eyes of other countries.

As a result, some knights made an oath to Alyssa.

Although they were demoted or sacked due to the queen’s grudges.

And there is a new knight for Alyssa, who has no one left.

He will never leave Alyssa alone.

Alyssa turned from Seidrick and ran away into the carriage.

Taking a small gasp of her breath and wrapping her cheeks around her, she held her breath and exhaled slowly.


He’s so mean.

Alyssa squeezed her eyes shut.

“What do you want me to do”

Why do you keep digging like this

Alyssa pressed her heart against her trembling chest.

Ophelia got into the carriage after a few minutes had passed since she had something to say with Seidrick.

The carriage, which departed on time, passed the Cambridge gates.


Alyssa hurriedly knocked on the wall facing the coachman.

“Wait a minute! Please stop for a second.”

“What’s going on”

Alyssa nodded her head.

“…I have someone I want to talk to quietly.”

The door to the stopped carriage opened.

Alyssa asked Edmit with her head sticking out.

“Sir Edmit, would you like a ride”

Alyssa’s purple eyes shone with clarity.

Edmit, who was guarding the front of Cambridge today, took a salute.

Finally, Alyssa held out a slender string to him.

It was a fragile string, but Edmit had no choice but to grab it.

“It’s an honor, Your Highness.”

Alyssa sighed and stepped back.

Edmit got into it.

Ophelia looked at Alyssa with astonished eyes.

In fact, she never imagined that Alyssa would bring in Edmit.


“… I’d like to hear a story.

And I have a story to tell.”

Alyssa’s transparent gaze turned to Edmit.

“I told you not to waste time here, yet you didn’t listen to my orders until the very end.”

“… Princess, I…”

“You’ve always been selfish and indifferent to me, so it’s no different now.”

Alyssa said in a hoarse voice.

“I’d rather not have this kind of interest.

Sir Edmit, why me”

“… Princess Alyssa.”

“No, I am no longer a princess.

I am the Mistress of Cambridge.

“The one who is facing the reality of the current royal family is Princess Alyssa.

Besides, it is the same princess who respects the people.

She has the right to become a king….”

“Sir Edmit.”

Alyssa cut off Edmit’s words.

“I’ve always been the same.”


“Then why wasn’t it me before”

It was a calm and quiet voice.

“But now, don’t you think it’s really selfish to do this”

Previously full of anger, now it seemed full of ice.

Edmit, who appeared to be paralyzed for a moment, bit his mouth tightly.

“It’s all the same.

You only look for me when you need it.”

Alyssa said.

“…But the damn thing is that I can’t turn away from you.

I might be able to leave.

I could turn away and leave this place.

But will that put my mind at ease You have succeeded.”


“I’ll make you happy.

Why don’t you go out and raise a congratulatory flag Go to the temple with the Revolutionary Corps and tell them to drag Princess Alyssa’s stubbornness and bring her into the royal palace.”

Alyssa sarcastically said.

She still hates the royal family.

The thought of going in there makes her feel like she was out of breath.


What a shame, Alyssa is so foolish that she will never forget the neglected royal family.

Alyssa will have to live with regret for the rest of her life because of her sin of ignoring the people who needed her.

Even her death would not be comfortable—even if she chooses to die.


Alyssa shouted like a choreographer.


Stop calling me ‘Your Highness!’

Indeed, Edmit was a very upright knight.

“Five years.”

Alyssa snorted at Edmit.

“In five years, I will leave the royal family.

In the meantime, you will find a way to save this country.

Find another king.”

That was Alyssa’s decision.

It would be better if she could be comfortable with those five years.

Edmit slowly nodded his head.

In the end, Alyssa did not turn away from their hands again this time.

Alyssa’s skinny hand caught his eye.

“I will definitely keep that promise.”

This time, even at the risk of his life, he will help Alyssa leave.

With the honor of a knight.

“…I’m stupid.”

Ophelia patted the back of Alyssa’s hand.

Thinking that the true hero of this country might be none other than Alyssa.

Avery may have been Alyssa’s from the very beginning.

They just didn’t realize the importance of her being by everyone’s side.


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