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People frowned and turned away.

Alyssa looked at Vanessa with a cold gaze.

It was taught countless times in the royal family.

The royal family doesn’t say sorry.

Do not bow your head as you are in a position to be forgiven for any wrongdoing.

Vanessa, do you understand You are the princess of this country.

You are fine with anything.

So, be brave.

Don’t be discouraged.

Vanessa was brought up just as the queen wanted her to.

She doesn’t know shame.

In the meantime, she released her temper and did what she wanted to do when she wanted to without thinking about the consequences of what she did because she is full of self-confidence.

It was still the same today.

People didn’t stop Vanessa from going her way, but they were accusing her and criticizing her.

They seemed to be looking forward to seeing how Alyssa would defeat Vanessa.

It’s like a wolf with its mouth wide open, waiting for Vanessa’s culling.

Alyssa noticed.

In this group, Alyssa was the captain.

A wolf leader who has the right to dispose of others—if Alyssa orders them to bite Vanessa, the people here will bite Vanessa.

A bitter feeling of pleasure ran up her spine uncomfortably.

‘… You can’t do it either, Alyssa.’

Alyssa mocked herself.

Vanessa, who had arrived in front of Alyssa, raised her hand.

“Your bitch ruined the royal family! Mother was right! A bitch like you should have died sooner!!!”

However, there was no more reason for Alyssa to welcome Vanessa.

Alyssa grabbed her swinging hand.

“Aaccck!!! Give it back!!! Give it back!! Get the royal family back!! Return the royal order! Return the money! Bring back the royal family!!”

What the hell did Alyssa take away from them In the meantime, she had been exploited by the royal family and had to give away everything Alyssa had earned herself.

Alyssa had nothing more to give them.

Not her family.

Not her friend either.

Yes… It’s not that they love Alyssa deeply.

Alyssa didn’t get anything she wanted from them.

She’s been longing for affection, just like pouring water into a bottomless pit.

And Alyssa didn’t want to leave herself in that mud anymore.

She’s already been out of there for a long time.

Alyssa put her hand down as if tossing it.

“Vanessa, go back.”

Alyssa gave a calm dismissal order.

She has to tell Vanessa’s fault, and this woman doesn’t know.

Alyssa’s purple eyes glistened as if they were made of ice.

“There’s nothing I can do for you, so go back.”

Alyssa affirmed once again.

In fact, losing what they had was entirely self-inflicted.

Would this have happened if they had maintained their royal dignity and fulfilled their duties They wanted responsibilities from the people, and they took only rights for themselves.

So there’s only one thing Alyssa can say.

“Don’t be mean anymore and go.”

Three times.

Alyssa calmly ordered Vanessa to leave, even though Vanessa didn’t understand.

Vanessa looked around and took the tray from the servant.

The glass of champagne on it rolled on the floor, and the sound of glass breaking resounded.

It hurt the servant, but Vanessa didn’t care either.

“This, this crazy bitch!!!!!”

Alyssa frowned.

She cleverly avoided the tray flying towards her.

Hearing Alyssa’s dismissal order, the Countess beckoned to the knights who were guarding the banquet hall.

It was meant to bring Vanessa out.

The knights grabbed Vanessa by her arms and pulled her while she struggled.

“Aackk! You know who I am! Get that bitch right now! It’s not me, that bitch!”

After watching the commotion for a while, Alyssa grabbed her handkerchief and held it out to the servant.

“You’re bleeding.”

“Th, thank you…”

Alyssa asked the Countess.

“I think it was because of me that all this commotion happened.

I want to compensate for this.”

“No, Duchess.

It’s because I didn’t properly enforce the gates.”

“If a guest causes a commotion, it cannot be the owner’s fault.”

Alyssa smiled brightly.

In fact, she was familiar with this kind of fixing.

When it comes to compensation, it should be loud enough to cause the commotion to fade.

That was Alyssa’s way of living as Vanessa’s shadow.

Vanessa caused a stir everywhere, and it was all Alyssa’s fault if she ever had an accident.

Even if Vanessa couldn’t study, it was Alyssa who was wrong.

So Alyssa just laughed.

This is the last time.


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