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But its a wonder if Averys forbidden daughter could be of any help.

Seidrick frowned.

In fact, he met Alyssa many times in the garden.

The princess she felt at that time was a person far from such political and social affairs.

Rather, shes a person who gets along better with the forest.

She was a good person.

She allows him to visit Kendricks grave right away.

Seidrick was very satisfied that he could see her mothers comfortable face after a long time.

‘I think this condition is good.

A relationship that neither Alyssa nor Seidrick expects anything from each other.

There is no entanglement, so they dont have to resent each other or have different feelings.

He couldnt have any feelings for the princess.

To be more honest, Seidrick wasnt confident in facing Alyssa in his original identity.

Seidrick laughed.

He pretends to be fine, but in fact, he may be the one who feels the biggest vacancy Kendrick left behind right now.

He couldnt think apart from Alyssa Avery.

Besides, isnt Alyssa the one who was going to marry Kendrick.

When he looked at Alyssa, he thought of Kendrick.

Kendrick died unjustly…

He doesnt hate her, but…

“Next time…”

He hopes that someday he will reveal that he was the Duke, not a gardener.

Seidrick buried his tired body in a chair.

From one to ten, there is no single thing that is at ease.

Seidrick fell asleep like that.


Alyssa finished her early makeup with a little excitement.

She was about to go to Seidrick and make a suggestion that she thought of yesterday.

She wore comfortable shoes to go to the garden in the afternoon, but it looked much more decorated than usual.

For the first time, she couldnt sleep properly because she was excited to see her husband properly.

“Am I all right Is it too much for the morning”

“Its not too much.

You dont have to worry.

Youre really pretty.”

So, with Sashas support, Alyssa took steps.

Whoo, whoo.

Breathe deeply,

It was half anticipation and half excitement.

Alyssa believed that at the end of this step she would meet Seidrick, and that their relationship could be a bit better tomorrow than it is now.


“The Duke is…”

“Hes already gone.”

“Where did you say he was going”

“I dont know, maam.”

With a transparent and sharp gaze, the butler told Alyssa.

Seidrick isnt here.

However, now another question arises.

Is Seidrick really not inside

‘You dont want to meet me

Alyssas shoulders droop.

The disappointment was great as the expectations were high.

Her bloody steps wandered in front of the office.

It seems that she had too much courage to respond to the positive reactions of Ophelia and Juliana.

Who loves Alyssa Cambridge, who has Averys royal blood

Still, there was someone in the garden who treated Alyssa without any prejudice.

The gardener, ironically, used to be more comforting than her husband.

Alyssa stormed out of the door and headed out to the garden.

Her steps gradually accelerated.

Panting for breath, she wandered looking for a place where he might be.

And when she found the gardener sitting by the lake and tilting his fishing rod.

“Excuse me.”

She smiled with a look of relief.


Seidrick headed for the garden as early as the morning sun.

It was to fish in the forest lake.

It was a deviation that Seidrick was doing well when there were a lot of worries or things didnt work out.

And very trivially, it was also to avoid Alyssa.

The mansion where Alyssa Cambridge, his wife lived was burdensome.

By the way.

“Excuse me.”

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Alyssas voice came from behind her back.

He came here to avoid her, but in the end, he met her.

What is certain is that it is more comfortable to meet with Alyssa like this now than Alyssa at the mansion.

Averys bridle was on top of Alyssa Cambridge, but maybe the moment they meet in the garden, she is just a woman who wants a companion.

Seidrick slowly turned his head.


You are here again.”

“If you dont come in a day, you cant see it change.

Flowers bloom, fall, a new life is born, and it would be regretful if we miss those things.”


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