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Seidrick left.

He doesn’t know why Seidrick Cambridge left Avery.

Cambridge kept it a secret.

However, the important thing for the king is that the money line is clogged.

Is there anything else that would harm the king from Seidrick’s departure

The king thought countless times.

‘I gave away Kendrick’s ashes for nothing.’

There were so many things that could be ripped out of Cambridge, including Seidrick, by holding them…!

It’s easy to put something too big for immediate interests.

The king bit his mouth with regret.

Seidrick was constantly spitting out money like a goose that lays golden eggs.

The queen’s scheme may be the basis for destroying the revolutionary corps, but it does not make money.

The king rubbed his forehead.

There is no place for money to come out.

The king was quicker in calculating money than the queen.

And he also judges the usefulness of a person.

Alyssa has no regrets about the royal family.

She also had nothing and no weaknesses, so he was far from a golden goose that spits out money.

He doesn’t know why the queen is so obsessed with Alyssa.

But strangely…


The castle was quiet.

It was the royal castle that was always full of people.

It was time for the king to rise in wonder.

He opened the door like a servant and came in.

The king frowned.

How rude is this in front of the king It was time for him to open his mouth and say something to the servant.

The servant presented something to the king.

It was an anonymous letter.

“Your, Your Majesty… I think you should see this!”

Judging from the letter, it may not have very good content, but seeing that it came to him without being cut from the line of servants, it seemed that it contained quite a lot of content.

The king glared at the servant with sharp eyes, and he handed it to him.

“What’s the fuss about!”

The king opened the letter that was inside.

The servant, who he could not even remember the face, ran away from the king’s sight in the meantime.

The king shouted and tried to summon his servant, but he slowly read the letter.

It was quite a story of interest to the king.

The story is about the money the queen stole from the royal family.

Like where she stole Alyssa’s money from and where she spent it, and how much was stolen by additionally twisting the ministers of the Ministry of Finance.

The king laughed bitterly.

He found the hole for the money.

A hole that would draw enough money to restore the ruined temple.


Seidrick left the kingdom earlier than expected.

The fact that he had left for treatment in Belgium was kept secret from the outside.

People just knew that Seidrick had gone for business.

Pauline and Kallit, the Cambridge doctor, also accompanied him.

It felt strangely empty.

Alyssa’s expression softened as she looked around Seidrick’s office.

Obviously, everything is going according to plan, but she can’t shake the feeling that something is twisted.

It was the emotion that stemmed from Seidrick’s absence.

Alyssa ran her finger across Seidrick’s desk.

The cool touch seemed to freeze not only her fingers but Alyssa as well.

“…he’ll get better and come back,” said Dania, who was watching Alyssa.


I know.

It’s just… it’s just awkward.

It’s because he’s been around for the past month.”

“Are you going to the office tomorrow”

Alyssa nodded her head.

She had to deal with the takeover, but she also had a job to do.

She was preparing to enter the royal palace.

From now on, the busy days will continue to the point where even two bodies are not enough.

There was a massive uproar after Alyssa wore the royal color to Ophelia’s wedding.

The press did not miss this time and talked about the same thing.

Alyssa’s tales are laid out and added with a touching story at the end.

[Now is the time for the people to choose their own king.

What’s your choice]

It seemed to be asking a question, but the answer was a fixed question.

What’s the difference doing it with your eyes closed

Dania asked Alyssa.

“How do you think the king will react”

Alyssa answered with her palm on the desk.

“He will squeeze the queen.”

The absolute standard and value of the king was heresy.

And the revolutionary corps destroyed it.

The king would need money, but now there was no hole for the money to come out.

But the queen stole the money

A clever weasel king would take the money from the queen.

But, she’s not just the queen.

Isn’t she the princess of the Principality of Seraphina She will draw upon Seraphina’s power to attack the king.

‘It’s really catastrophic.’


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