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The queen smiled coldly.

It was because the good news was finally delivered.

The call came back from the mercenary guild.

The queen hired the most expensive mercenary of all.

In the mercenary world, the high ransom means that the mission success rate is also high.

The queen really wanted to kill the king.

It had been a week, and the bruises hadn’t come off her chin, which the king had menacingly grabbed.

The queen clenched her teeth.

It was the first such insult.

Also, the queen realized that the king was unscrupulous and could intimidate her children if he truly needed it.

The king meant it.

There were no wife or children for him.

Only one person was important to the king.

“So when are they coming”

“It’s not good to rush things like this; they have to be careful…”

“Hah, cheeky.

Tell them that they must pay the money they received.


The queen twisted her lips.

She’s been told that the people out of their minds were raving that Alyssa should be king.

The foolish Alyssa was sympathizing with it.

She was told that it wasn’t enough to disgrace Vanessa at a party, so she wore a purple dress to the public.

Alyssa was out of her mind.

How dare she think about going to the throne over Kruno.

It was something the queen could never forgive or understand.

Thanks to Alyssa’s attention, all sorts of accusations turned to Alyssa.

The queen concluded that Alyssa started all the misfortunes that befell her.

If it weren’t for Alyssa, she wouldn’t have been pushed to the defense like this.

If only Alyssa had provided the money on time.

And she wouldn’t be like this if she hadn’t sided with Cambridge.

Besides, she had arrogant thoughts that made things so twisted.

The Queen had recently heard that she had rented an express line for a group from Cambridge to go on business to Belgium.

She should have brought it to the royal family if she had the money right away.

The queen’s eyes shone bluishly.

She doesn’t know how Alyssa makes her money.

It was essential to her that she had Alyssa’s assets and earned money.

“I think I’ll have to make one more request from her.”

The queen beckoned to her maid.


Alyssa decided to take full responsibility for Clemore’s story until the end.

However, she was forced to extend her serialization cycle to once a week.

Alyssa’s life and Clemore’s life were too off track.

She no longer identifies herself with Clemore.

Alyssa is Alyssa, and Clemore is Clemore.

She was self-conscious and independent.

Alyssa was amazed that she had achieved this level of growth on her own in such a short period of time.

And she slowly looked back at her past.

Alyssa realized that she had put herself in a fictional character named Clemore because she didn’t have the strength to endure this world alone.

She needed a comrade named Clemore.

She’s afraid to end her life alone, so she has someone to go with.

Her own faint laughter was about to come out.

It’s different now, though.

Alyssa accepted that even if Clemore’s life ended in misery, she might not.

Still, Clemore was steadily moving towards her death.

But, what about Alyssa Unlike Clemore, she doesn’t want to devour the royal family.

She was satisfied.



Alyssa handed in the manuscript for this week.

“Yes, Madam.”

Sasha held it tightly in her arms.

In recent years, sales of Alyssa’s novels have risen sharply.

Commoners, as well as nobles and wealthy merchants, were reading Alyssa’s novels.

It started with noblewomen and spread throughout the country.

And Clemore’s virtual world without a royal family helped them embrace Alyssa’s existence.

Rather than the complete disappearance of the royal family, they began to dream of a new king.

And they spotted Alyssa, who has a similar environment to Clemore’s.

Still, the media was pouring out stories about Alyssa day by day.

But they seemed to think that if she was a princess with an enlightened mind like Clemore, she would be better than the current royal family.

Everything was going the way Alyssa wanted it to.

It was strange that it was so easy.

How poor the royal family was.

A long day is over today.

And what is Seidrick doing in Belgium right now Suddenly, Seidrick broke through Alyssa’s daily life and seeped into it.

It is probably thanks to Seidrick, who sends a letter every day as if to imprint his existence.

Alyssa opened a drawer full of letters.

Her eyes blurred.

Seidrick was effectively shaking Alyssa.

She doesn’t know now.

Alyssa decided to leave everything to time.



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