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A figure swallowed her gasping breath and knocked on the door of the revolutionary corps.

It took several days to get here.

People were quiet about the Revolutionary Corps and did not tell what they knew.

“Are you there”

The voice trembled.

There is no sound from the inside.

It shouldn’t be like this….

Her hand was knocking on the door with earnestness.

This was her last bastion.


And luckily, they answered her call.

The door to the revolutionary corps was opened.

A rugged man looked around him and the woman.

Then, after confirming that no one was chasing behind her, she went inside.

The woman who came in with a strong hand held her breath.

“How did you come here”

It was a harsh voice.

The woman nodded her head.

“Then we should be more careful! Why doesn’t everyone all talk”

“It, it’s urgent…”


Come along.”

The woman nodded her head quickly.

Right now, she wants to be comfortable and tell her secrets.

The woman’s steps got faster and faster.

She was told that Karadella of the Revolutionary was benevolent.

Maybe she will protect her.

The woman burst into tears and rubbed her face involuntarily.

“…you’re doing lots of things.”

The man bit his tongue as if in awe and held out a handkerchief to the woman.

“Th, thank you, sniff!”

“Oh my….”

The man looked at the handkerchief in pity and turned his back on the road.

He didn’t seem to care much about what the woman said.

And she was able to meet the person she wanted only after passing through the door a few more times.


Good job.”

“No, boss.

I brought this woman in because she was noisy….”

“Let me talk to her.”


The man bowed his head and left.

It was only then that the woman could properly face Caradella.

It was because the man was still obscuring his view with his large size.

Caradella gestured with a frown.

“What’s going on There must have been a reason why you came all the way here.”

“That that…”

“Speak slowly.”

Caradella said coolly.

She came all the way here without any connection, so why not tell her properly At Caradella’s words, the woman nodded her head.

“I’m here because I have information to tell you.”

“Before that, it would be better to reveal your identity.

Your identity will also be the best indicator to determine the truth of the information.

I think you will understand our position.”

“Yes, yes! Of course! I am a maid at the royal castle.

To be precise, I work under the queen.”


“Yes, it is.”

“Why did the queen’s maid come here”

“I was born into a low-class aristocrat.

I was born in a province across the river and volunteered to enter the royal family to feed my younger siblings.

Fortunately, it was possible because I was able to get a higher education before my father died.”

“Is that so”

The woman hesitated at Carradella’s question.

“Even if she gave out nonsense orders every time, I persevered.

I thought of my family in my hometown.

But I don’t think this is it.

Miss Caradella… I’m getting more and more unfair orders.”

“What about”

The maid took a deep breath.

She had a terrified face.

“You can rest easy here.

The royal family will never come here.”

The woman nodded her head slowly.

“The queen has hired mercenaries.”

The woman took a deep breath.

How difficult it was to say these words.

But the strange thing is that Caradella doesn’t show any movement.

“She, she asked to kill the king.

I made the request myself, so I would never have made a mistake.”

“I see.”

The woman was bewildered by Caradella’s reaction.

She knew nothing else; she would give this information and ask for protection.

Her thoughts were that she could no longer work with the queen because she was heartbroken.

However, there was no way they could let go of her holding the queen’s secret.

But how can she react like that

It was difficult to say what she wanted.

The woman picked her words.

Aside from this, she had another trump card left.

The woman opened her lips.

“… I have one more.

Instead of telling this in advance, please protect me.”

The woman said earnestly.

Caradella smiled.

“Let us listen and decide.

The Revolutionary Corps is not a charitable organization.”

The woman tightly closed her eyes.

“The, the queen is trying to kill Princess Alyssa!”

That was her last hand.


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