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Battendaum read the letter once more and muttered.

“It’s the last time.”

It was true that it was interesting.

The border was forcibly closed at the request of Crown Prince Kruno.

Contrary to asking it to be opened, it is to disobey an unreasonable request.

Battendaum was more attracted to it.

Princess Alyssa Count Battendaum has long been cut off from the royal family, so it doesn’t matter who becomes the king.

Contrary to what Edmit had expected, it was a crooked reason, but Battendaum decided to add Alyssa’s will.


It was only natural that the borders had to be firmly defended before starting a civil war.

Dania agreed on this point.

“… I think I need someone to consult.

Dania, who do you think is good”

“No one would have been prepared for something like this.

Alyssa, I think the Battendaum is the best option.”


Alyssa’s eyes darkened.

Alyssa was also aware of the long-standing feud between the Battendaum and the royal family.

Of course, all the faults were the royal family.

They diverted the budget that should have been sent and ignored their request.

To ask them any favors, you must first correct their mistakes.


Even if it’s small, how about sending a donation to them”

“Are you going to buy them with money”

“It doesn’t mean that; I just want to send a small amount of the budget that the royal family has not paid for.”

Alyssa hesitated, then added.

“If I were the king, of course, it was something I should have done.”

“You’re right, but do you have the money for that”



Alyssa pulled out a new piece of paper and wrote a letter.

She asked Maria to withdraw her deposit.

She had never turned down Alyssa’s request before, so it seemed that the money would be ready in one day.


Can you give this to Maria”

“Yes, Madam.”


Dania shook her head.

She forgets that Alyssa is a well-known novelist like this.

But is it possible to do this with the manuscript fee

“I have some land.

There is also a profit from it….

Maybe there are some mines”

Alyssa rolled her eyes.

Maria truly has a talent for investing.

Maria didn’t just tie Alyssa’s money to a savings account, but she invested it to and fro.

In fact, Alyssa was one of those who didn’t know much about the size of her own fortune.

But, the important thing is that she has never run out of money before

Sometimes she thought she didn’t have enough money, but the money didn’t run out.

So she recently asked Maria to check her fortune…


“… I have someone who manages my fortune, and she’s really talented.”

Alyssa raised Maria’s salary.

Anyway, thanks to that, she never ran out of money.

Sasha, delighted by the praise for her sister, left the office with a grin.

Dania laughed awkwardly.

“… well, yes If that’s the case, that’s a good thing.

But Alyssa, why don’t you send it in grain rather than in money As a backup grain.”

“It’s a good idea.


during that time, I think it would be good to consult Margrave Battendaum.”

It’s probably better for her to come than to ask with nothing.

Besides, it was a border that had not been supported by the royal family for a long time.

It was clear that Alyssa’s favor would be accepted.

After discussing with Dania, they decided on supplies to send to each border and wrote a letter.

Through this process, Alyssa once again realized the injustice and inadequacy of the royal family.

They didn’t even have the least respect for those guarding the border.

It was miserable.

That’s why Alyssa couldn’t sleep even though it was late at night.

She leaned against the head of the bed and buried her face in her lap.

‘Seidrick… ‘

Alyssa chanted a name that she missed at this moment.


‘Isn’t it the same for you’

He is disappointed with the royal family and bears the consequences differently than Alyssa.

The more she got to know the royal family, the more she understood Seidrick’s heart; it must have been because it was so messed up.

Alyssa seemed to understand a little.

Seidrick says he loves her.

The misery and wretchedness that Seidrick must have felt for her that he had her in his heart.

Nevertheless, he had Alyssa in his heart to the end.

Maybe that’s how deep his heart is.

‘… how do you….’

Alyssa caught her breath.

In the midst of the sorrow and wretchedness, Seidrick’s deep feelings were felt.

She felt like she was about to burst into tears.

She was a woman who almost became his sister-in-law.

A woman from the family that killed his brother.

She is the daughter of the enemy.

‘How do you love me….’


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