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The king was isolated.

The queen has not looked for him since she had instigated his death.

She also fired or sent all those secretly by the king’s side.

The king was not interested in the internal affairs of the royal family, so he was a decent person as long as his servants were there.

The queen recognized his disposition and sent a false, blank check, and the promise of giving him money blinded the king, which was enough.

Soon, the queen’s lies will be revealed, but before that…

The queen’s eyes glistened with fear and anger.

Where did the maid who ordered the request, and when will the mercenaries come

“What happened to Emily!”

“She has returned to her hometown, Queen.

She won’t come back.”


And yet she didn’t tell the queen of her resignation It was clear that the royal family looked down on them as well.

The queen, who was blazing with anger, and was about to turn anything, rested her trembling hand on her forehead.

Soon Kruno will come.

Her blood and flesh, the Principality of Seraphina, will give her strength and help for herself, so all she has to do is give up these arrogant things at that time.

The queen took a deep breath.

“The king”

“He’s meeting the high priest.”

High Priest.

Perhaps he is a person of heretical faith worshiped by the king.

He must have come to extort money from the king.


When she thinks of money, she thinks of Alyssa.

Watching that cheeky woman eat and live well with the money she stole makes her stomach twist.

Alyssa couldn’t have kept that much money unless it was true that she stole the money.

The queen’s lips twisted.

Kill the king and even that damn girl.

After that, it becomes easy to steal Alyssa’s fortune.

Her heart was beating fast.

There is no one in this royal family to stop the queen, so her will would surely come true.


Vanessa could not stand Alyssa’s dominance.

‘Illegitimate woman!’

It is absurd to seek the throne because she is born of a low bloodline, but she was treated and enjoyed more than she did.

The social world humiliated her and protected only Alyssa.

It is clear that this country is going crazy.

They didn’t know how to make sense and ignored the royal family.

She wanted to kill them all.

Vanessa gritted her teeth.

Now, even her husband ignores Vanessa.

When she claimed to be the princess, she didn’t even want to see her anymore.

Vanessa erodes her family’s honor.

According to rumors she heard, her husband was secretly preparing her for a divorce.

Vanessa was not one to be treated like this.

She is a princess, she is loved by everyone and she deserves to be treated like that.

Vanessa blamed it all on Alyssa.

She’s got to show the bitch a taste…

Wouldn’t that be how she knows the world is scary and stops running wild

Vanessa rolled her head and came up with a trick.

Hiring the worst people.

Such people could be found whenever they went to a bar.

People who need money no matter what country they are in.

Hiring them and messing up Alyssa’s business.

People will stay away from Alyssa because they’ll try not to get caught up in the chaos.

That bitch Alyssa will be alone again and she’s aiming for that.

It wasn’t that hard to buy people with money.

Life on the street, who only reveals money while switching between alcohol and drugs, will sympathize with Vanessa.

Vanessa suddenly went to Alyssa’s business work and knocked on the door.

“Hey! Come out! Come out!”

Vanessa didn’t know.

That Alyssa’s eyes were not alone.

That they would sacrifice anything to protect Alyssa.

Among them was Caradella.

If it was a street life, even Caradella was formidable.

Caradella, who passed in front of Alyssa’s business, laughed bitterly.

The commotion she felt over the carriage was absurd.

Sobbing, drug addicts were chasing after Vanessa and knocking on the door of the business.

Caradella swung the door of her carriage open.

“Take care of it.”

Caradella’s eyes glistening with murderous energy, she handed out the money.

“Yes, Miss Carradella.”

The coachman took the money.

Among the guards around Alyssa were mercenaries hired by the Revolutionary Corps.

The Royal Knights and the soldiers of Cambridge were also measuring the timing of who would go.

Carradella snorted in a low voice.

“Kill Vanessa Avery for wild dog food… No, send it to the royal family.

Do you know what I mean”



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