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The coachman nodded his head and walked away.

She sees him hanging out and handing out money to sly mercenaries pretending to be passersby.

Caradella narrowed her eyes.

To become a snake to deal with a snake, and a beast to fight a wild beast.

The queen behaves like a mean snake, and she just acts the same.

Vanessa’s death

A trivial thing like that didn’t make Caradella feel anything.

Caradella checked the street being cleared, and she closed the door.

The returned coachman set off the carriage.



“What’s going on”

Dania, her face red, ran to her.

Because it was the business site that Seidrick used, the signs of his hands were still intact, so she was immersed in emotion for a while.

It had to do with the arrival of his daily letters.

Alyssa folded Seidrick’s letter and set it aside.

“Princess Vanessa is dead!!!”

Dania shook the newspaper.


Alyssa jumped up.

She knew yesterday that Vanessa was making a fuss and was taken away by the guards.

But, is she dead

“Really! I heard that the cause of death was a stab… We need to investigate what happened! The body was loaded on a carriage and sent to the imperial palace.

The queen passed out when she saw it, and now the royal family is going crazy.”

Alyssa took the newspaper from Vanessa.

And the content of the newspaper article was exactly what Dania said.

Vanessa’s obituary was written in detail.

“What is this… .”

Alyssa’s eyes shook.

Vanessa’s death took up the front page of newspapers.

She likes to get attention, so maybe she likes being on the front page.

Alyssa was surprised to hear this shocking news herself, but she didn’t feel any emotion.

She was not at all sad about Vanessa’s death.

The article had speculated on Vanessa’s cause of death in various ways, and among them, a murder by grudge was written down.

This is because Vanessa usually did a lot of things to get people’s grudges.

And the second was murdered by her husband,

They were speculating that Vanessa’s husband was always mentioning that he wanted a divorce from her, so it was reasonable.

There was a brief note of mourning, but that was the end.

People were accepting Vanessa’s death calmly.

It was the same with Alyssa.

Alyssa didn’t hold a grudge against Vanessa, but she may have wished for her death at least once.

Vanessa was accustomed to being hated by others.

Alyssa put her newspaper down with a somber expression.

“…what do you think”

“I don’t even think about it.

It’s fascinating.”


Seidrick rubbed his forehead.

“Is there anything special today”

“… Princess Vanessa is dead.”

“Oh my God.

Wow… It’s surprising, but strangely I’m okay.”

Seidrick nodded his head.

He was feeling a little odd.

Seidrick apparently had a grudge against the royal family.

He wants their downfall, he wants death.

But, he wasn’t very happy at this moment.

Rather, it was Alyssa who came to mind.

Is she really okay

Seidrick read the letter carefully.

She was bluntly reporting Vanessa’s death.

Seidrick hurriedly flips the letter back.

[It’s strange, Seidrick.

I’m not sad at all.

I just feel like someone else.

Even though I used to see her face every day.

It’s like the death of someone I’ve never seen before.]

Saying it’s okay should not be taken as okay.

Alyssa is also accustomed to suffering alone, so she may be deceiving her own feelings.

[Vanessa might be more comfortable there.

She is a person who can’t live without being a princess.

Rather than being humiliated and ignored by others, she was more of one to die.

She might have been better off dead before the royal family was overthrown.]

She said it was okay.

But why was the letter filled with stories about Vanessa

Seidrick let out a long sigh.

“It’s not okay.”

Even a little.

Alyssa was a good person from birth.

She was someone who could never completely hate others.

Others may call her indecisive and stupid, but Seidrick loved her.

Wasn’t Seidrick also saved thanks to Alyssa’s merciful disposition

Because of her hesitation, Seidrick was not abandoned.

Alyssa is not okay

He was heartbroken that he couldn’t stay by her side.

She must have broken down somewhere inside, and he wanted to give Alyssa his heart.

Seidrick quickly wrote the letter down.

[It’s okay to cry, Alyssa.]

What words would comfort you

Still, it’s the death of someone she once thought was a family member.

An empty heart would not be filled with anything.

[I’ll be your family, Alyssa.

You are not alone.]

Seidrick put a dot in the last sentence with a limp hand.

[…I’m sorry I couldn’t be by your side, Alyssa.]


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