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The queen thought she should end the king’s life before the knights of Seraphina could enter the country.

For only his death would be her peace.

She hoped that Kruno would take over the throne smoothly.

For that to happen, the death of the king is indispensable.

However, the Mercenary Guild was delayed for some reason.

And the reason was finally discovered.

The man who was given this mission entered the palace.

He looked dangerous on the surface, and he was arrogant with his shoulders lifted to the fullest.

The scars across the face were enough to terrify the queen, who grew up with only beauty within her royal family.

Moreover, thanks to the scars, the lips curved over were not completely closed, revealing the white teeth.

“You can call me a Traver.”

Contrary to his impression, it was a noble name.

The queen smiled, trying to hide her trembling hands.

Her lips trembled with fear as she forcibly curved her lips.

Despite the cheeky disrespect, she didn’t even bother to point it out.

She was just hoping that the man would finish his work and leave this place.

The Queen swallowed her hot saliva.

Her throat is dry.

Is it because she was trying to do something she had never done before

“…I see.

There is one thing I am curious about.

Why is my request not being fulfilled”

The man crossed his legs as proudly as he walked into this palace.

He placed his hand on the table and tilted his head as if he was the owner.

He smiled as he rolled up his index finger and thumb attached.

“Look, Queen.

Even though it’s a society that focuses on credibility, we’re still ignorant of it.

Why don’t we make a deposit in advance We need to trust each other.

Besides, this case is a bit big.”

The man chuckled.

Contrary to the cute name of Triver, even the laughing voice was mixed with iron and aroused fear.

The queen clasped her hands.

She already had the money prepared.

The queen rummaged through the drawer and pulled out the pocket full of gold coins.

It was because she had been told at first glance that she had to prepare material payment rather than a check that had to go through the bank.

The man slowly opened the pocket and checked the amount.

The distorted eyebrows are anxious.

“It’s not enough.

In return for the commission I received.

Look, Queen.”

The man threw his sharp eyes at the queen.

“It is killing the king.

Besides, Princess Alyssa.

Do you know how great the views towards Princess Alyssa are Is that all There are not just one or two protecting the princess right now.

Do you think the money will move me”

The queen’s bloodshot eyes fluttered.

Anger that she had to kill them all swelled inside her.

The king, Alyssa, everything.

It was all their fault that Vanessa died so unfairly.

Her poor daughter, Vanessa, has not yet been able to hold a funeral and is left unattended in the coffin.

The king was not interested in her daughter’s death, and Vanessa’s in-laws refused to organize the funeral of their daughter-in-law.

The reason was that they were not responsible for the death of Princess Vanessa.

Besides, his husband was preparing for divorce due to Princess Vanessa’s usual behavior, so he has expressed his opinion that he would proceed with it.

Everyone left Vanessa.

She is pitiful, and the queen, the mother, must step forward for her poor child.

She wanted to kill the two parties involved in Vanessa’s death quickly.

The fact that they were living together in this world was difficult in itself.

She wanted to see them crawling on the floor, begging for their lives.

The queen rummaged through her drawer and pulled out the other pocket.

The man shook his head.

“That’s not going to work.

Have you heard what I said so far”

The man sighed in dissatisfaction.

Then he spreads out three of his thick fingers.

“Three times more.”

She had already brought a lot of money, and the queen trembled at his indecisiveness to demand more of her.

However, the queen had no strength to fight against the injustice.

It was because the power of the man sitting in front was absolutely necessary to kill the king and Alyssa.

The queen took all the money she had and put it in front of the man.

Then the man spoke in a smirking voice.


How comfortable it would be to come out like this from the beginning.

Well then, I’ll have to work as much as I’ve been paid for.”

The man’s eyes gleamed like a wild wolf.

“I’ll be back soon.


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