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The king is dead.

The queen embraced the creepy arms.

Mercenaries were the ones who made sure to do as much as they were given.

The news of the king’s sudden death was secretly communicated to the queen first.

The mercenary returned with a blood-stained sword.

Not only that, he cut off the king’s hair and proved his death.

No matter how much hair he had, she had been with him for decades, and there was no way she could not recognize it.

“…to be so vain.”

The man who wanted to live forever was destined to die by being cut with one blow.

The money the king had poured out for his eternal life was just a lump of metal scattered around.

It was also a useless, shabby death.

The queen murmured and grabbed the glass in her hand.

Kruno and Serra, who had gone to the principality, will soon return.

Didn’t she send a letter to the Principality of Seraphina at the same time as she paid the mercenary They will enter the country to become the new king.

And the mercenary will kill Princess Alyssa in return for the money.

A glorious kingdom with no obstacles will be passed on to Kruno.

Could there be anything more delightful than this

The queen drank the alcohol, which exuded a strong scent, in one breath.

It was the first time she directly instigated death, and it jumped at her like a heart attack, so she couldn’t stop drinking.

What’s more, she was still sober after a few drinks when she would have already been drunk usually.

“Death is like that.

It’s vain and easy.

Even if you struggle not to die, it’s over.

That’s what it is.”

The mercenary, whose words had become shorter, murmured slowly.

The queen could not find the dark twinkling in his eyes.

The scars on the face of the man who recounted the death seemed to flash more ghastly.

“How did the king die Say it again.”

The queen asked clearly.

She longed to hear the king’s last words once more.

She wanted to look a little better compared to his misery.

The king is dead, but the queen is alive.

His death was in vain, but not her.

The queen’s eyes gleamed strangely.

“He vomited blood.

Many times, he begged for life.

There must have been nothing so filthy.

I never imagined that the King would look like that.

He held my feet and cried.

Begging for help.

He said he couldn’t die.”

The mercenary spoke as if it was nothing special.

The sword in his hand rolled over.

Roll and roll as if he was one body with the sword.

Still, the sword never left his hand.

The queen’s gaze turned to the sword still soaked in blood.

The dripping blood is so terrifying that it is chilly.

The queen’s lips trembled.


“What do you mean It’s only in the face of death that everyone is equal.

I’ll die like that one day, too, thinking that I wanted to live.


I wondered what it would be like to kill people of high rank But it’s nothing It’s the same as always.”

The mercenary blinked.

It seems that he looks innocent, like a child again.

At that strange feeling, the queen stepped back from him.

He was the kind of person who really enjoyed her murder.

In his eyes, the queen was contained.

“By the way, there are things that even a guy like me knows.”

The man rubbed his cheek with his finger.

“It’s family.

A family doesn’t come apart no matter how much you separate them.

Actually, I can eat and live well anywhere.

No matter what I eat and where I sleep.

But my sister wasn’t like that My sister is really kind and weak….

She has to eat good food and sleep in a good place.

Besides, how pretty is the child she gave birth to.

How can that little thing live on the street Isn’t it”

The man tapped the floor with his sword.

“That’s why people like me think of the country.

I can imagine what kind of country I want to live in.

And what do you think it will be like when I have a choice”

“What, what are you saying now…!”

“You want me to kill Princess Alyssa”

The man burst into laughter.

“Do you really think that’s possible My sister said there is no one as good as Princess Alyssa.

She says if she becomes king, she can raise her child as well.

My sister said so.”

“You, you bastard… Hey! Is there anyone out there!!”


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