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The queen shook her head violently.

It was quiet outside, and no one answered her call.

The queen’s back hit the wall as she stepped backward.

The queen’s white eyes were nailed to the mercenary.

He doesn’t move at all from the spot, but she feels threatened.

The man’s voice gradually faded away.

“My sister…..said that the queen, not the princess, should die.

By the way, I really don’t care, but I also have a family… so.”

The mercenary raised a sword that had never been put down.

“Sa, save me!!!”

The man threw the sword.

The man watched indifferently as the sword that flew in a straight line cut the queen’s neck and revealed her inner flesh.

“Look, it’s all the same.”

Only a low voice lingered.


A black flag hung on the royal castle.

It was the flag that signaled the death of the king.

Alyssa got on her horse.

It was time to go to the castle.

There will be nothing that stands in her way.

The stars that illuminate the dawn seem to welcome her.

Juliana followed.

“Have a safe trip, Alyssa.”

Have a safe trip.

Could there be any more sweet words for Alyssa, who never had a place to return to Where she can come back.

It was ironic that it was Cambridge.

Alyssa nodded her head.

The royal palace was right in front of her.

Alyssa set her feet on the royal palace, which she had abandoned herself.

It was surprisingly easy.

No one stood in the way and everyone obeyed Alyssa.

Even when she declared the queen’s treason and concluded Kruno as a fugitive.

No one protested against Alyssa.

Alyssa was concerned about the country and shortened the king’s funeral to one day, and the people went wild.

Alyssa’s name was preceded by another title.

Hero, Alyssa.

The outcast and the illegitimate child, Alyssa became the hero.

It’s disappointingly easy.


“The queen is dead.”

The queen’s death was known as soon as she entered the palace.

However, the queen has to live until the end surrounded by the bridle as a traitor.

That is why she was buried and her body was left unattended.

And it wasn’t until a week after Alyssa entered the royal castle that Dania calmly spoke up.

“The predecessor Queen has passed away.”

This time a little more politely.

Alyssa squeezed her eyes shut.

Has there ever been such a tragic end

What in the world has the Avery royal family been stomping their feet for so far Alyssa bit her lips.

The smell of blood filled her mouth.

And the afflictions of the Avery royal family did not end there.

“Prince Norfe threw himself off a cliff.

He was said to have died instantly.”

However, no one mourned his death.

Dania’s face, telling the story of his death, was also calm.

They would have been waiting for now.

Not only Dania.

Ophelia too.

Juliana too.

and.… Seidrick too.

Alyssa covered her eyes with the back of her hand.

It seems that Alyssa is the only one who is saddened by their death.

Even though she had always wished for their death.

She hated the royal family more than anyone.

For abandoning her, she hated them deeply in her heart.

How many times has she wished they were dead She pretends to be kind and wears a mask, but she always prayed with her heart.

May they meet their tragic end and leave with deep regret…

However, revenge was originally in vain, so she wasn’t happy at all.

“Retrieve the predecessor Queen’s body and hold her burial.

But she will receive no respect as she is a traitor, and all she can receive is respect for the dead.

Bury her in the street.”

Alyssa mumbled mechanically.

That would be the answer they were looking for.


As soon as she got closer, Dania stood close to her.

Alyssa lifted her head.


Dania bent her waist and hugged the lonely shivering Alyssa, who sat on the highest throne .

“I’m sorry I couldn’t grieve with you…”

Dania’s voice was wet.

On behalf of Alyssa, who can’t cry.

“I’m sorry for forcing you to our joy…”

Alyssa let out a long breath.

Because it wasn’t their fault.

It was none other than those who died miserably that caused this time.

The Avery royal family only paid the prices for their wrongdoing.

Alyssa said as she buried her head in Dania’s arms.


I won’t be sad.”

Alyssa buried her weakness in the deepest.

“From now on, I have a lot of work to do.”

On behalf of those who died.

She will live with a heart of atonement.

On behalf of the privileges that Alyssa has enjoyed thus far.

“I’ll take good care of you in the future, Dania.”

Thus, Alyssa’s life as a king began.

Even if it’s only for 5 years.


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