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The name of the king who will soon die is not important.

The orders of the queen and Kruno who will rule Avery from now on are important.

If Battendaum is smart, they will have to line up for the next king.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

However, contrary to what Kruno had expected, a burst of wild laughter was heard.

And the knights burst into laughter following Margrave Battendaum’s burst of laughter.

Kruno felt something strange and stepped back with a puzzled face.

The knights of the Principality of Seraphina who followed him also drew their swords with vicious faces.

“I have a letter from the queen! If you resist, I will forcefully open it!”

“The queen’s letter”

A familiar face appeared behind Margrave Battendaum.

It was Edmit, the commander of the Royal Knights, the one who insulted Kruno the other day.

Kruno’s face turned white.

“Eh, Edmit”

Edmit exclaimed.

“The predecessor Queen Luziela is a traitor who assassinated the king! Therefore, you, the blood of Luziela, are also traitors!”

“What do you mean!”

“Besides, the predecessor Queen Luziela, could not even pay the price for her crime, so there was a royal order to make Kruno Avery pay for her sins! Punish that person immediately!”

Edmit pointed to Kruno.

Sarah looked at Kruno with a bewildered face.

“Your, Your Highness”

“It’s not a big deal.

If it doesn’t work, we’ll have to force the door open and enter.

If we go to the capital, we’ll know everything.”

Kruno gritted his teeth and drew his sword.

Seraphina’s knights surrounded Kruno and Sarah.

Looking at them, Margrave Battendaum snorted.

“Stop there! Listen, soldiers of Seraphina! If you don’t want to pretend to be Avery forever in the future, lower your sword and go back! Since you haven’t crossed the border yet, I will treat you as not violating the agreement and send you away without any problem!”

“Don’t listen to that! Open Avery’s door right now…”

“Your Highness Kruno.”

The knight commander who was leading the knights of the Principality of Seraphina looked at Kruno with a troubled face.

He already knew what was going on.

The accusation of the assassination of the king by the queen of Seraphina already puts the Principality in a difficult situation.

When the king of the principality sent him to Avery, he urged him to return without delay if the operation was likely to fail and Seraphina to be harmed.

Secretly from Kruno.

The knight commander put the sword into the scabbard.

“What is this!”

“It seems that we must return from here.

It is not His Majesty’s wish that the Principality of Seraphina is endangered by Your Highness.”


Kruno forgot about his dignity and shouted out.

However, that did not change their resolve.

Following the knights’ commander, the knights of Seraphina gathered their swords.

Kruno and Sarah were clearly abandoned.

“I trust you will understand us.”

His mother had become Avery’s traitor, so the scornful look pierced Kruno like an awl.

“I, I want to go back too! I liked Seraphina better from the beginning….”

Sarah quivered her lips and shook her head.

Faced with death, she could give up everything if she could live, being the Queen, being with Seidrick.

Sarah ran away after the knight, leaving only Kruno there.

With arrows rolling down the floor.

Margrave Battendaum’s laughter filled the empty plain.


The news that Alyssa had ascended to the throne also reached Theodorerick in Belgium.

A painful smile bloomed on Seidrick’s lips, who was waiting for Alyssa’s letter every day.

“It happened after all.”

Alyssa had not failed her duty.

She is a strong and just person, so she must not have been able to overcome the burden of her heart.


Seidrick laid his skinny body on the bed.

Tomorrow was his surgery day.

Alyssa asked Seidrick’s well-being as if nothing had happened, but he opened his eyes to read Alyssa’s true intentions hidden behind the letter.

Did Alyssa cry

Or did she smile

What kind of expression does Alyssa have while sitting on the throne she did not want

His heart pounded with worry; each and every time, Alyssa would walk the forced path, regardless of her own choices.

‘I hoped not this time.’

Seidrick shook his head bitterly.

He was helpless, and there was nothing he could do for Alyssa.

He is a patient who cannot lighten her heart.

“If you make a face like that, even the king will not like you.”

Pauline said to Seidrick.

“You must get healthy and come.

Isn’t the king waiting for you”

Pauline pointed her finger at the end of the letter.


I’m waiting for you.

As promised.

So you have to come back healthy.

You’ll have surgery tomorrow and call me.

I’ll be waiting for it too.

From Alyssa.]

Seidrick ran his hand through the sentence poignantly.

Then he nodded his head.

“Of course.

I’ll be back in good health.”

There are so many things he hasn’t done yet.

Theodore didn’t want to use his illness as a weapon to hold Alyssa.

That was his love.


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