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In addition, relatives from Cambridge, who had been ignorant of Alyssa’s incident, had heard the news of Seidrick and sent all kinds of medicinal herbs and other things that were good for the body.

This proves that Cambridge is affectionate with family affairs to the extent that it is considered closed.

Everyone was praying for Seidrick’s recovery with one heart and one accord.

It was the same for Mona and Gilbert, who lived in a hut cut off from the world.

In the same context, they came to the mansion today, who rarely walks into the mansion.

The butler led Mona and Gilbert to the parlor where Juliana was.


At the familiar voice, Ophelia opened the door herself.

“Mona, Gilbert!”

“Miss Ophelia…!”

“Youngest Miss, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you.”

“Come in.”

Ophelia welcomed them.

Juliana got up and greeted them.

Mona and Gilbert always had a burden on their hearts.

Because of their great virtue, the children grew up upright and bright without their father.

The moment Juliana tries to smile.


Mona hugged Juliana tightly.

Mona smelled of warm food.

Juliana lowered her hand slowly.

She shed the tears she had been holding back until now.

“… Mo, Mona… … ”

“Why does this keep happening to Madam… Young Master Seidrick will be fine.

He is a strong person and…… Because he loves the garden so much, he has a strong heart.

So don’t worry, madam.”

“Sometimes I think you know my children better than I do…”

Juliana’s voice trembled intermittently.

Juliana’s tears, who rested her chin on Mona’s shoulder, wet Mona’s shoulders.

“I was only helping Madam… because it was a difficult time.”

Mona said sweetly.

The Previous Duke died, and Juliana became a widow at a young age.

She is left with her young children as well as this Cambridge.

She had to keep this mansion on her own until Kendrick grew up, and Juliana had to defend this mansion on her own.

There was clearly not enough time to take care of the young children.

Instead of Juliana, Mona and Gilbert rolled their arms.

She invited the children into the garden to feed and run around.

They shared the roles of the parents.

Among them, the second Seidrick lived in the garden.

At this moment, Juliana’s strength might be Mona and Gilbert more than anyone else.

Aren’t they the ones who relieved suffering by sharing the burden in difficult moments

That may be why, as soon as she saw Mona, she burst into tears that she had been holding back.

Juliana crouched down and cried like a child.

“… Cry, madam.

I’ll cover it.

So no one can see….”

Mona hugged Juliana tightly.

She comforted Juliana, whose body shook.

“Huwaaaaaaa…why, why…why to my child…why…”

Tears brimmed in the midst of the slurred words.

Mona clenched her teeth and wept.

Juliana could not sit or stand properly as she fell to the floor while held in Mona’s arms.

Juliana, who had been firmly guarding Cambridge, said.

“It’s because I sinned, huuuh… I… I…”

Mona stopped Juliana from pounding her own head.

Juliana’s messy hair was scattered around her.

Kendrick died at the forefront, and Seidrick went to treatment for illness.

How could she fake it

When a child dies, it’s buried in the heart…


I haven’t asked my child, my child, Kendrick yet… .yet…huhuuuu.”

Mona grabbed Juliana’s hands and put them in her arms.

Juliana wrestled with her body.

“I didn’t even ask him!! Kendrick is still alive in my heart… huh… he’s still alive…”

Juliana moved her body up and down.

“Every time I see him, I should bury him, I should have buried him…..


Whenever I stand in front of the tombstone, I still haven’t…..”

Mona hugged Juliana back.

She couldn’t see Juliana pounding her own chest like a lost child.

“Even Seidrick can’t do that… uhhh… Even that kid…”

“He’ll be back.

Nothing will happen.”

Mona’s voice trembled.

Juliana’s sadness seemed to transfer to the parlor.

Gilbert took Ophelia and Kaihan, who were crying, outside.

Mona and Juliana.

The two of them filled the rest of the parlor with tears.

“…Seidrick… Sid.

My baby, my baby….

How much it hurts.

How frightening.


I should have been sick…..”

Julianna vomited out her tears as she vomited out her heart.


“You’d rather kill me….me… I should have gone there! Why!!”

Mona hugged Juliana with all her might.

It was to share her sorrow.

She hopes that Juliana, who still has Kendrick in her heart, will not suffer any more pain and suffering.


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