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I Should Have Just Died - Chapter 197 - Sleepy Translations

5-6 minutes 26.11.2020

Mona listened to Juliana’s story for a while.

This is the story of Juliana, who puts her husband first from the children as well.

It was close to a cry that could not even come out in words.

“I’m guilty of putting the children …”

Juliana muttered and closed her eyes.

She soon collapsed, her body shaking like a piece of paper.

Juliana fainted in Mona’s arms.

Perhaps it was too much for Juliana to endure this waiting with her sanity.


And it was the same for Alyssa, who had a hard time surviving this night alone.

Even though Dania dozed off, she stood by her side, but she had difficulty staying still.

Alyssa stood around the room.

A leg that could not sit for one moment complained of pain, but she did not notice it.

Anxiety and fear.

Or patience and…


Alyssa was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t stand what she wanted to cry now.

As she grimaced, the corners of her mouth were full of red blood.

It was torn by Alyssa’s sharp teeth.

Alyssa, walking around her room, stopped at the spot.

She couldn’t stand it any longer.

She felt like she was going crazy if she was alone in this room.

She wanted to get even a little closer to Seidrick’s side.

However, Belgium and the city where he would be located were too far away.

Alyssa slammed the bedroom door open.

Dania, who had been sleeping for a while, was startled and woke up.


“…I’m going to Cambridge.”

Dania rolled her eyes.

It was because she saw Alyssa’s face.

Dania looked at her with a look that looked like she was about to explode.

She struggled to hold back tears, but she had a precarious expression on her face as if she was about to collapse.

It was then that Dania realized she could no longer hold onto Alyssa.

Dania’s hand, which was holding Alissa, slid softly.

Dania struggled to smile.


Alyssa nodded her head.

She knew that emptying the palace would be a risky choice at this point.

In the first place, it was even more so because the social circle had kept Seidrick’s disease a secret.

Affection is not a very important factor in their actions.

They may talk about Alyssa’s qualifications.

But, there was nothing that could stop Alyssa now.

It was to the point that she was grateful for what she had endured and endured until now.

Dania smiled softly.


Alyssa turned her body.

The maids hurriedly put her on a hood.

Dania locked Alyssa’s bedroom.

And she directed Alyssa’s handmaidens to make sure she escaped the royal palace safely.

And the chief handmaiden returned.

“The others”

They went to Cambridge to follow Her Majesty.

I think it would be dangerous to send her alone.”

“Good job.”

Dania nodded her head.

“From now on, lock the royal palace.

So no one can come in and out.

And close the king’s bedroom.

The king is ill with a cold.

“Yes, Secretary Dania.”

“And bring the royal doctors right away.

It’s strange that the king who all people love has fallen, and the doctors don’t keep their seats.”

“I will.”

The chief handmaiden and Dania made eye contact and nodded their heads.

Alyssa’s outing today must be kept secret.

If it is not a good thing to be known by others, they can keep it a secret.

Dania suppressed her restless heart.

Seidrick will be fine, and Alyssa will be back tomorrow.

She comforted herself.

‘Protech them, Kendrick.”


Cambridge’s door opened slightly.

The knights passed some figures.

There was no need to inquire as long as Alyssa exposed her face.

With a bright face and platinum blonde hair that glowed even under the moonlight, it was Alyssa in the eyes of anyone.

They captured their surprised expression and brought her inside.

“Thank you.”

Alyssa gave a brief greeting and ran her horse.

Alyssa rushed through the darkness, and the Duchy of Cambridge appeared before her eyes.

The light was on it as if no one had slept.

Alyssa rolled down from her horse.

The maids were startled and cried out her name, but Alyssa did not stop.

No, she couldn’t stop.


The butler ran out in surprise.

Alyssa struggled to smile.

“I’m here because I can’t wait.”


“What about Mother”


Mona is taking care of her.

She cried and lost consciousness…”

“What did the doctor say”

“He said there is nothing wrong with her health, but he said it would be better to let her sleep.”

“I see.”

It was a relief.

Alyssa climbed her steps.

“Lady Ophelia is by her side.”

Ophelia is here too.

The last one was Alyssa.

She hesitated and hesitated.


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