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Avery plunged Cambridge into deep sorrow and pain.

And Alyssa is Averys bloodline.

Her lips trembled.

For Ophelias anger and the hatred of the Cambridge people, Alyssa wasnt worthy to be blamed.

After realizing that again, she…

Alyssa gasped and turned.

She wanted to get out of this place.

The high sun, breeze, and maple trees surround this place.

She couldnt see a thing in this scenery that she could enjoy.

Everything that surrounds Alyssa seemed to crumble.

The suffocating air seemed to squeeze her body.

It was time for Alyssa to get out quickly.

Not knowing that there was someone behind her, she almost immediately fell into his tight arms.


I think my mother taught my sister that she shouldnt run so frivolously.”

Holding Alyssa in his arm, a man whispered softly.

Alyssas back was bitten by a new chilling feeling.


“Its been a long time, Alyssa.

I came because you said you were coming.”

He is Norfe Avery.

He was the second prince of the kingdom.

The person who used to scan up and down with a suspicious look when he saw her before, gave her an unpleasant feeling…

He stood with only a few servants attending him.

Alyssa stooped back and crouched as she felt creeped out.

‘The Prince, Prince Norfe, be careful.

I mean it, for real.


‘…The rumors about him are not good.

And Im sure most of those rumors are true.

One day, Sasha had given Alyssa a warning.

She had warned Alyssa many times without telling the details of the rumors.

Eventually, Sasha sighed in relief, only after receiving the promise that Alyssa would run away immediately when she met Norfe.

“…I have something to see, brother.

I will be out soon.”

Alyssa glanced behind her with an anxious look.

It would be nice if Norfe could go before Ophelia and Juliana came out.

“Im here to say hello, Alyssa, I heard that you came with Lady Ophelia”

Alyssa swallowed her saliva.

Ophelias name, pronounced from Norfes mouth, was very disturbing.

Alyssa took one more step back.

It was when she hesitated to answer and looked at Norfe.

She heard the voices of two women whispering from behind.

“Stop crying.”

“Bu, but…”

Alyssa hurriedly turned her head.

When some time had passed, Ophelia and Juliana were coming out.

Juliana, the mother, was comforting Ophelia, who was sobbing and shaking her shoulders.

Even when she said she would stop crying, Ophelias face was all red.


As expected.”

Alyssas heart thumped at Norfes murmur.

She turned to her half brother.

Norfe was looking at Ophelia with serpentine eyes and an expression of dirty greed.

‘Oh, no…!

Now she knows what facts Sasha had hidden.

And she seemed to know what the scandals surrounding Norfe were.

His eyes were greedy enough that even the insensitive Alyssa noticed.

The appearance of him smacking his lips and narrowing his eyes was offensive to Alyssa.

She shouldnt let Ophelia and Norfe meet.

Such a warning made Alyssa move.

She voluntarily blocked Ophelias way.

Norfe pushed Alyssa in front of him as if she was annoying.

“Get out Alyssa, I need to say hello to my Lady.”

She didnt think Juliana should see those dirty eyes.

Alyssa stood upright and stopped him once more.

“Brother…! I think it would be better for you to get going.

Things are not going well now.


“Get out of the way.”

Norfe, who annoyedly pushed away Alyssa, stepped forward.

“Oh, Oh, Lady Ophelia.

What brought such a beautiful person like you to a shabby place like a graveyard I know a much better place than this gloomy place.”

Alyssas blood cooled down.

Shabby place.

This is where the ancestors and heroes of the kingdom are laid.

It was also where their family, Kendrick, was lying unjustly dead.

Oh, its a shabby place that didnt have Kendricks body even when asked.

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Is that what hes trying to say

He was unconcerned of the minds of Kendricks bereaved family, who were buried in this gloomy place.

Alyssa was stiff and had no choice but to watch the situation.

Her tongue was shriveled and hardened, and she couldnt get words out.

“…Are you that rude now, prince.”

Juliana responded coldly, blocking Ophelia.


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