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There’s nothing for Kruno now.

Those who followed him.

His wife.

His place.

His country.

There was nothing.

No one came to visit Kruno.

Margrave Battendaum opened the gate to Kruno, who was left alone.

Kruno tumbled across the border.

He realized that he would not be welcomed into the Principality of Seraphina.

Of course, Avery wouldn’t be there either, but wouldn’t it be better to be in his hometown

They put a new brand on him.

Son of a traitor.

He still had to go to the royal castle.

Battendaum could have been wrong.

The queen might be able to greet Kruno with a smile.

The sky was always on his side, so Kruno thought it would be the same this time.

He couldn’t even think that it was only a vain hope.

Kruno was engulfed in mourning and pity for himself, not recognizing those who followed his shadow.

Death is approaching every moment.

He was just enslaved by evil.


“Alyssa, this damn bitch!”

He groaned and muttered.

He won’t die alone.

If he had to die, that damn bitch would die with him.

Alyssa, who ruined Kruno’s life!


The news that the border was protected from Seraphina’s knights also spread to the royal palace.

There was nothing written about Crown Prince Kruno’s whereabouts, but Kruno was no longer a threat to Alyssa, like a speckle.

Kruno cannot reach Alyssa even if he dies.

There were more important things for Alyssa than Kruno.

It was because there were not only two duties to be performed as a king.

All the things that the previous king had put off had become Alyssa’s responsibility.

“There have been several years of severe drought in the West.”

“We need to release the treasury.”

“But now, the royal treasury is running low.

As you know, the previous king spent all the money on heresy.”

Alyssa said sternly.

She was changing little by little after becoming king.

She is a little more direct and bold.

The nobles agreed with Alyssa’s words.

“Then, wouldn’t it be enough to get the money back They are tax ignorant and confused people.

Even if it is punished at the national level, it is not against the law.”

Said the Minister of Justice.

He looked like he wanted to throw a mace on that damn heretic belief at any moment.

After the previous king’s death, they said they were taking care of themselves and living quietly, but the crime of stirring up the country by holding up their necks so far has not gone away.

Besides, didn’t they overthrow the king and act like royalty

So even if they die right away, they shouldn’t be embarrassed.

The royal family also paid the price; how can they avoid the mace

And Alyssa agreed with that.

If the treasury is empty, let them vomit it out.

They inflated their bodies like greedy geese and swallowed things they couldn’t digest.

Alyssa used her own power appropriately.

“Investigate the heresy and put an end to their evildoings.

I will bring a trial for their crimes.

Turn their illegally earned money back to the West to give them a chance to breathe.”

“That’s right.”

“You are wise.”

The nobles praised Alyssa.

Amazingly, Alyssa was not greedy.

In particular, she did not have a desire for the material.

It was bizarre to think about how the royal family’s ancestors had their eyes blinded due to greed and almost ruined the country.

She was Avery, but not Avery.

“Also, we need to strengthen our borders.

Over the years, Avery’s forces have been weakening, and foreign powers will find out at this rate.

We must recover what we have lost without their knowledge.”

“You are right.”

“But now, the royal treasury is empty, and I will help, but this is a weak problem on its own.

So, I would like to ask the lords for help.”

Besides, she was polite for the royal family.

She was polite and knew how to bow down.

This point was also different from ordinary royalty.

Alyssa’s head was not heavy.

“…Of course I will.”

“I’ll help.

But I think there should be a reward for this work.”

“That’s what I agree with.

Kindness without a price doesn’t last long.”

No matter how good the nobles were, they were an interest group.

Alyssa was aware of the need for a proper reward for them.

“In the future, the tax will be set in proportion to the profits from each estate.

Now, I understand that the estates’ revenues have decreased significantly due to the severe drought.

Then, you can pay less tax this year.”


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