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It sounds sweet, but the nobles also noticed the system’s duality.

In difficult times, they would pay less tax, but if they made a profit, the taxes would rise from then on.

The nobles looked into each other’s eyes.

Now that the overheated tax was overwhelming, it felt like sweeter cold water.

Eventually, the nobles accepted Alyssa’s offer.

No one objected to the system that sounded good to hear.

As she went through such a fierce daily life, Alyssa was filled with thoughts of those who loved her.

So it was time to forget about Kruno completely.


“Kruno is dead.”

Dania complained.

“It appears to have been a murder, and the cuts were deep, and it seems that he died instantly from excessive bleeding.”

She doesn’t feel any emotions now.

The continued deaths were now something taken for granted.

It wouldn’t be strange if the seed of Avery’s bloodline dried up like this.

Alyssa nodded her head mercilessly.


“I heard that the Crown Prince’s body is coming to the royal family…”

The king was buried in the Royal Cemetery.

It’s unfortunate, but it was because the king had to be the king to define the queen as the traitor.

And the queen… She was cremated and sent to Seraphina.

Because traitors could not be kept in the country, there was also a problem with placing criminals in the Royal Cemetery.

And Vanessa….

By the queen’s decision, she was buried in the Royal Cemetery.

“What should I do”

“I really don’t know about this.”

Alyssa murmured with somber eyes.

“Why don’t you send him to Seraphina.

Kruno’s wife will meet him.”

Dania answered with a cold expression.

She did not try to cover up her malice towards him.

But now, she is not punished.

Dania vowed to spend the whole day looking back at her past, just for this moment.

It was the same with Alyssa.

No one sanctioned her thoughts.

And Alyssa was no longer saddened by their misfortune.

Rather than being blunt, she learned to be patient.


Not bad.

Prepare to send him to Seraphina.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Kruno was really nothing to Alyssa.

The Great Kruno Avery looked at her like a bug.

There was a strange feeling of euphoria, but it soon subsided.

Dania hummed and walked away to carry out Alyssa’s orders.

She began to look back carefully.

The first start was Vanessa.

Vanessa Avery.

And Norfe Avery.

Then the king.

Then the queen.

The last one is Kruno.

The royals who were guilty towards Avery disappeared one after another.

And he was the only one who firmly maintained her position in the royal family.

Alyssa lived in the world she was so worn out with that she couldn’t believe it was a coincidence.

Alyssa can put her finger on it that this is someone’s instigation.

Alyssa looked back more carefully.

Every case has an answer, and Alyssa was able to find her response to this quickly.


This was her doing.

This was a crime.

And it was a superior authority.

It was because only the king could impose the death penalty on criminals.


The excellent news that Seidrick’s health is improving day by day also comes to Alyssa.

Alyssa was relieved.

She decided to show her courage.

She invites the Cambridge family to the royal palace as a consolation for them.

Besides, Juliana collapsed, she couldn’t talk properly, so it stuck in her mind.

Still, everyone’s attention was on Alyssa, so it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to keep going in and out of the Cambridge mansion now.

Dania agreed with Alyssa’s opinion.

“But, if they refuse….”


How can you think that Family members can say no.

Don’t be afraid of rejection, Alyssa.”

Dania tenderly comforted Alyssa.

When it’s public, it’s public.

When it’s private, it’s private.

Dania had set a line to keep as Alyssa’s secretary and was faithful in keeping it.

It was a private time.

“And Juliana and Ophelia will not refuse.”

Dania patted Alyssa on the back.

And Cambridge accepted Alyssa’s invitation, as Dania had said.

Everyone is happy.

People started talking about Cambridge, which had regained its prestige.

Those who had turned their backs on Cambridge along with the royal family, also reached out to Cambridge.

Meanwhile, Ophelia, Juliana, and Kaihan’s visit to the royal family would drive a nail.

Thay Alyssa is still working with Cambridge.

And if Seidrick comes in, she’ll be able to return to Cambridge a little better.

It was a very suitable and perfect gift.


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