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Ophelia and Juliana, and finally Kaihan.

They gladly accepted Alyssa’s invitation.

Their faces were smiling brightly as if they had forgotten the hostility and anger they had at the royal family.

Perhaps it was because all revenge was over, and they even seemed to be lighthearted.

The fact that they were smiling seemed to lighten Alyssa’s heart.


Juliana reached out and hugged Alyssa in her arms.

Juliana and Alyssa were about the same height.

Juliana took a long breath, holding Alyssa, who was too heavy to be held in her arms, deep in her chest.

“I… I heard that you were there the previous day.”

“Yes, mother.

It was a long night to be in the castle alone.”

Alyssa whispered in a trembling voice.

Juliana patted her on the back as if she knew her heart.

That night, everyone must have wished for the same thing in unison.

It was Alyssa’s heart, not her back, that Juliana was comforting—praying that all Alyssa’s loneliness and sorrow would melt away.

How long has it been

Alyssa hugged Juliana.

Alyssa’s breathing trembled intermittently.

“I know.

It’s been a long night for me too.

Are you all right now”

“That’s what I’m going to ask, mother.

I heard you fell.”

“I am fine now.

I’m worried about you.

Aren’t you overworking every day Are you eating well”

At Juliana’s warm whispers, Alyssa’s heart was relaxed like a spring day.

Alyssa dug into Juliana’s arms.

It’s like a little child is fooling around.

Juliana hugged Alyssa tightly.

The girl who has been living alone for so long and pretends to be an adult has grown up smiling.

She now knows that there is a fragile, helpless child crouching inside Alyssa.

In the future, she will not let Alyssa endure her pain alone.

Juliana comforted Alyssa with such a heart.

The time in front of the Lilac Palace, which Alissa personally uses, has stalled/stagnant.

The Lilac Palace has been the one used by Alyssa since childhood.

It was old and outdated because no one took care of it, but it was a neat and modest palace.

Alyssa was most comfortable here.

People said that to restore the king’s authority, she had to stay at the king’s quarters, but for Alyssa, this was better than anywhere else.

So, she used the main palace as the office, but she slept here.

Alyssa invited the Cambridge family to her personal and private space.

That meant Alyssa had embraced Cambridge as a complete family.

Also, it was as if a light had entered her empty heart.

Alyssa’s closed heart was wide open.

Sasha seemed very moved by her master’s present state.

Behind Ophelia, Sasha stood with tears in her eyes.

“..I’m fine, mother.

It’s something I’m prepared for.”

“Still, eat well and sleep well.

Health comes first.”

Juliana said with mixed threats.

“Alright Promise me you’ll put your health first.”

“…Yes, Mother.”

Juliana, semi-forced her to make a promise, stepped back from her.

Next was Ophelia.

As Ophelia sniffed her nose and wept, she hugged Alyssa tightly.

She then pulled away and she quickly grabbed her hands and waved them up and down.

“Seidrick will be back soon, Alyssa.

It’s all over now.

All that’s left is to be happy.”

She should either cry or laugh, not both.

There is no other girl who is cute and sad.

Alyssa smiled sadly.

It was because Ophelia was crying while she was laughing.

Alyssa wiped Ophelia’s tears with the back of her hand.

At times like these, she was born to be the youngest.

The youngest, loved and raised.

Alyssa tapped the red strawberry nose.

“Stop crying, Ophelia.

Why are you crying on such a fine day”

“Yeah…because everyone is crying.”

“Ophelia cries the most”

“Because I’m happy, yes, I’m happy.”

Ophelia answered in a grumbling voice.

Her face is still full of smiles as she slowly stops crying.

It just seemed blissful to be with everyone at this moment.

Ophelia smacked her lips.

“I’m really happy.

Kendrick will be happy too.

We’re all fine.”


She wasn’t sure if Alyssa was familiar with him.

She just hoped that Kendrick, who had suffered an unfair death, would find peace even now.


Trust me.

I really think Kendrick is very happy right now.”

Alyssa shook her head.

She felt like she was going to reminisce about this moment countless times.

The moment when Avery needed Alyssa and became a bridge for someone to forgive the country.



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