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He comforted his sister and headed to her princesss bedroom.

And before that…

There was Juliana, his mother holding her handkerchief in her hand with her hesitant face.



Juliana turned her head in surprise and smiled with a guilty face.

His mothers face, shady and without makeup, was white.

“I… ha.

Even though I knew it wasnt Alyssas fault, I couldnt stand it at the moment.

It is my fault that the child collapsed.”

Juliana bit on her lips while holding her hands together.

She knew that Alyssa was trying.

The fact is that Alyssa is just Averys victim and not the same perpetrator.

But, at that moment, there was nowhere to pour out her anger, and so the sparks flew to Alyssa.

“I didnt know if she was the easiest person in the world… it seemed right then.

I didnt want to see Alyssa.”

Seidrick smiled bitterly.

The only bad guy in what happened today is Prince Norfe.




Since all three of them are tender-hearted people, they are anxious and suffering from guilt.

‘Because youre all good…

Because there is not one of you that is a bad person.

Juliana swept her face down with her palm.

As if she wanted to push away all the remnants of her emotions.

“…It seemed like she was shocked a lot, but I dont have the courage to apologize.

Seidrick, when I see her, I think Ill make the same mistake again.

You go in for me and see if shes okay.”

Juliana pointed to Alyssas bedroom with her trembling fingers.

She hesitated for a long time and was unable to enter.

She did the best she could, including calling her family physician for Alyssa and sending her maid to take care of her, but she couldnt see her.


Seidrick replied heavily.

Still, Alyssa doesnt know who he is.

‘You must be very surprised.

It was when Seidrick tried to open the door.

Ophelia grabbed the hem of his shirt.

Then she blinked her eyes and asked.

“…What if Princess Alyssa doesnt take us to the cemetery again”


“Its not that important now.”

Juliana condemned Ophelia.

But, she stubbornly shook her head.

“There was a lot I wanted to say, but I couldnt finish it, and… I was worried that Princess Alyssa was waiting outside, so I couldnt even say hello to my brother.



Although Juliana adamantly called her daughters name, she couldnt stop her stubbornness.

“…Please tell her that I am sorry.

I was so mean, please tell her to let it slide.”

Tears were flowing drop by drop.

She was originally a kid who laughed a lot.

The youngest was Ophelia, who laughed attentively every day.

However, now she cries more than she laughs and she always has a dark face.

Seidrick couldnt bear to push her off, as she shakes her head.


So stop crying.”

“…Im sorry, brother.

I dont know why I am doing this either… But I dont like Alyssa… Im confused.”

In fact, on the way back today, she tried to say thank you to Alyssa.

She practiced it on her lips again and again, but everything went wrong.

Seidrick swept Ophelias face with the back of his hand.

Her tears are hotter than her body temperature.

How much did she cry that her red eyes glistened

“Stop crying.”

“Yes, okay.”

Ophelia nods her head and tries to smile.

Seidrick sighed and knocked.

Then a person came out from inside.

She was Sasha who followed Alyssa from the royal palace.

“Oh… Duke.”

Sasha realized that the man standing in front of her was the Duke of Cambridge, Seidrick Cambridge.

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“…I came to see the princess.”

“She hasnt been able to wake up yet.”

Sasha responded slowly.

She noticed that people were walking around the door, but there were so many people.

When she saw the people in Cambridge who were so nervous, she felt sad.

Sasha sighed and stepped a little.

It was to give Seidrick a chance to enter.

She cant believe Seidrick who has never shown his face to Alyssa before, has appeared like this.

He only sees her master when she is sick and collapses like this.

She wanted to scream to Alyssa, but when she saw her skinny face, her mouth couldnt open.


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