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Did you hide any treasure in that garden

However, Alyssa wasnt even obsessed with jewelry.

It was because the queen had been so gorgeous.

The queen who values what is seen outside decorated her with the same splendor, even though she may not have a high appearance inside.

Like a noble royal.

In addition, she had lived under oppression, and she was a human with the least desire for wealth.

She was married, and she had left the royal family with a small amount of dowry and standard fortune for a princess, but she was the one who said that was enough.


The person who went out with a face that looked like she was about to die soon returns with a smile.

It was a situation where Sasha couldnt help but wonder.


You must have felt better.”

Sasha, who cried the whole time Alyssa was out, laughed.

Alyssa smiled with a small,hee hee, looking at the swollen face.

“Im sorry, Sasha.

You know Im always grateful, right”

“Oh, why are you doing this Madam, are you not hungry I prepared something easy to digest.”

“Its all right.”

Alyssa shook her head gently.

It seemed that the warmth of raw eggs was still filling her stomach.

She was full of it too.

“Im full.”

“Did you eat something in the garden”


She nodded her head.

A slightly reddened ear caught Sashas eyes.

Alyssa was thinking of the gardener.

He was the first person to befriend her.

Alyssa has never had anyone other than Sasha in her lifetime.

The queen hated Alyssas relationship with anyone.

She treated Alyssa as if she was a royal catastrophe, and she thought Alyssa would someday destroy the royal family.

So, to Alyssa, the gardener was her first friend.

A friend who made her happy just by thinking of him.

He will see her not as Averys Alyssa, but as Alyssa.

“I ate something delicious.

Very sweet.”

“Thats a relief.

Im afraid youve been on your stomach until now… Then, have a little meal later, and come here.

I will warm your cold body.”

Sasha pulled Alyssas hand.

Alyssa was laid on a bed that had been warmed beforehand and made her drink warm honey.

The burning fireplace added warmth to the room.

“Youre not going back to the royal palace again, right”


Alyssa opened her eyes wide.

Sasha stamped her feet with a stiff expression, like one who must get her confirmation from Alyssa.

“Dont go.

There are still some memories left.”

“Well… ”


Sasha opened her mouth to Alyssas suspicious reaction.

No, there is a limit to being nice! Where do you think youre going again

“I promised to go, so I have to go.

Actually, I was going to go once a week.”

“No, Madaaaamm!”

Sasha shook her head.

What else are you going to do there Besides, Ophelia or Juliana wouldnt be on Alyssas side.

Sasha grabbed her mistress hand.

“What are you going to do if you go and meet the queen or prince What”

“But… ”

Alyssa swallowed at the thought of if something happened if she ran into Norfe again.

Then, Sasha would be more worried.


Alyssa laughed bitterly.

Someone held her hand at the most desperate moment.

He was a gardener who didnt even know who she was, but he comforted Alyssa.

So, shouldnt Alyssa be the one to hold Julianas or Ophelias hands It is nothing special to be desperate for them.

She just sits in front of their dead sons graveyard and comforts them.

“I can do that much.

In fact, thats the only thing I can do.”

Just dont expect any more from Ophelia and Juliana.

Then itll be alright. Alyssa nodded bravely.

“Madam… ”

Sasha tapped her chest as if her insides were bursting.

She was such a good person but now Alyssas kindness was driving her crazy.

“Im fine.”

Alyssa muttered.

Not knowing that it makes Sashas heart sadder.


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Ophelia hid her behind the pillar.

Her maids followed and hid themselves.

She waited for Alyssa to return when she heard that Alyssa had been in the garden.

She was worried about where she was going with that body that just woke up, so she just popped her neck out and waited.

Luckily, Alyssa returned with a smile.

‘…It seems that youre skinnier.

Ophelia drooped her shoulders in grim.

Ever since Alyssa was sick, she knew so well who the cause was and it caused her guilt.


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