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She was just so anxious and wanted to confirm that Alyssa was okay.

‘Are you okay now

Of course, thats why theyre going around like that, but Alyssas faithful maid takes good care of her.

Even though everyone rejected Sasha, she still took care of Alyssa.

From her meals to all of her life.

Her maids, who were displeased with Ophelias hiding, mumbled.

“Why are you looking at her We dont even need to do anything.”

“Shh! Why are you talking such a mean thing”

Ophelia criticized her maid.

“…But, it is.


I hate the fact that the royal family is here, but why arent you angry…”

“How can I not be angry”

Ophelia retorted.

However, her gaze looking at Alyssa is very sad.

“Still… Because Princess Alyssa doesnt seem to be a bad person.”

Ophelia muttered sullenly.

Prince Norfe appeared out of nowhere, but if it hadnt been for her, she wouldnt have been like this.

The real bad person is Prince Norfe… It wasnt that she didnt hate Alyssa, who was born with Averys blood.

Nevertheless, if the words from Ophelia and Juliana were so painful…

‘Im sorry.

Ophelia pouted her lips and turned her body firmly.

It was after she had already confirmed that Alyssa was safely in her bedroom.


Today was better than yesterday.

Is this how it feels like to be in a relationship with someone It was reassuring for no reason.

So Alyssa took the courage to attend breakfast.

She was to discuss when to go to the royal cemetery.

She is also ready to take the blame from Ophelia and Juliana, which may be poured out on her again.

Alyssa took a deep breath, clenched her fist, and opened the door.

What is so hard to just eat breakfast

Sasha nodded solemnly at her and opened the door.

Ophelia and Juliana, who had already arrived, got up without realizing it.

This is because Alyssa, who has recovered, has announced that she will eat in the dining room from today, so they were nervous.

Alyssa smiled awkwardly.

Still, she didnt have to be afraid.

The people of the Cambridge family, fortunately, dont pour water into her face as soon as they face her face like the queen.

“…Good morning”

“I heard you were sick, Alyssa.

Are you okay now”

“Im all right.”

At Alyssas greeting, as usual, Juliana nodded her head with her awkward face.

She wondered if it was going to go on like this.

She is much older than Alyssa.

She knows that she should politely apologize for her, but it is weird…

Juliana bit her lips.

Averys shadow over on Alyssa grabs her ankles.

After she apologized to her, she seemed to lose to Norfe that day.

‘I cant help but be a stupid person.

Juliana did it to herself.

Alyssa, unaware of the change in her heart that Juliana was going through, sat down in Alyssas seat.

It was none other than the gardener she was thinking of.

This was the reason the poached egg on the table drew her attention.

The warm and savory scent of the egg she shared in the garden yesterday was still in her mouth.


By dwelling over the meaning of the word friend, she seems to be able to overcome any situation.

Alyssa leaned into the tranquil dining room.

The sound of rustling dishes, the cold winter sunlight flowing through the window, and the savory smell of food gently scattered.

Today, everything felt special.

So she quickly finished eating, then put her spoon down first.

After wiping her mouth with a napkin, she raised her head towards Juliana.

“…When is a good time for next week”


“Are you not going to the Royal Cemetery… To see Kendrick.”

Alyssas words slowed down.

Come to think of it, the Royal Cemetery may be a place they never want to think of.

Didnt they meet Prince Norfe there Theres no telling they wont see him again.

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If the same thing happens as the last time, Alyssa herself doesnt know if she can survive.

After speaking, her fears began to rise, unlike when she first took courage.

“I… was it out of topic”

Alyssa added awkwardly.

Alyssa quickly reversed her words when no one could answer.

“If so, then I…”


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