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“If so, then I…”


However, before Alyssa could even finish her words, Ophelia intervened.

She shook her head with her glowing face.

It was so hurried that she put down the dishes she was holding.



I, uh… ”

Ophelia closed and opened her lips.

She is 18 years old.

She is Ophelia, who is as pure and childish as her age.

The cute Cambridges young lady thought Alyssa could overturn her words now, so she couldnt miss this opportunity.

Ophelia exclaimed.

“Im sorry.

Last time, my mother didnt mean it.

And, and… Thank you.

For saying that again.

 That… Ill talk with my mother later and let you know.”

On behalf of Juliana, who has no courage.

Alyssa swallowed the food in her mouth.

Then she barely smiled.

That was too late.

On the other hand, it was counterproductive that she approached Alyssa burdensomely.

‘I hope you dont…

‘So what can I do in this mansion


‘I should do that.

Im causing you trouble like this.

‘Im sorry…

‘Sasha, whats with the paper I dont know how long Ill stay here, but Ill pay you everything back.

‘Whats wrong with you, Madam And you dont know how long you will stay here.

‘The sin of Avery.

The sin that my blood carries.

That alone is a sin.

But how long will it be I am a sinner…

Alyssa swallowed the savory egg.

Yes, at least she has this.

She never thought an egg would be the power to support Alyssa.

Its trivial and too insignificant… She knows it is, but… even the smallest things would be great if they could support her heart.

She called the maid serving in the dining room.

It was very rare for Alyssa to call anyone in Cambridge.

“Give me one more of this.”

The maid, who was mumbling, moved only when she saw Julianas stern glance.

Since then, poached eggs have always been on Alyssas table, but she hasnt even noticed that it is a consideration for her.

Alyssa was too tired to notice that.


“So, are you going out again”


I still want to be a person of faith.”

Alyssa looked at the gardener.

She didnt want to instill a bad image in her first friend.

That was why she was speaking as actively as possible.

She told the gardener roughly that she had decided to go wherever they wanted to get along with others.

Alyssa sweats away and explains profusely, and he nodded as if he knew plainly.

‘You must believe me… Thats a relief.

Alyssa smiled brightly.

“Is Sid staying here for a while It seems youre often away.”

Seidrick frowned at Alyssa.

Although he has been coming out these days out of concern for Alyssa on humanitarian grounds, Seidrick will then go to the South after the repair of the bridge is completed.

Only three days are left until then.

How can he explain this

If he went south, he couldnt know if it would take a month or longer to return to Cambridge.

Seidrick touched his lips.

“No, but there are places I want to visit in 3 days.”

“Where are you going Oh, am I asking you rude questions”

Seidrick shook his head quietly.


Just going back home…”

“Ah…  I dont think were at a stage to ask about hometowns yet, right”

Alyssa knows that it takes time to become a friend close enough to ask about that.

She nodded her head and twinkled in her eyes.

Seidrick admitted awkwardly because there was no excuse to give to Alyssa who looks like an enthusiastic student.

“Then, can I ask you next time Much later.”

“…I will think about it.”


Lets get close to each other.

Ill try to find a way to get close to Sid while hes in his hometown for a while.

Alyssa nodded her head vigorously.


When Alyssa returned from her outing in her garden, for the first time, Julianas maid was waiting for her.


In the polite bowing of her head, unlike others, the hatred toward Alyssa is not seen.

That alone could relieve her a little.

Alyssa relaxed her shoulders and nodded.

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“Yes, tell me.”

“You can speak comfortably.

The grand madam is looking for you.”

“Oh yeah.”

Mother suddenly wants to see me…  She couldnt guess what it was going to be.

Maybe there was a mistake.

After the maid finished what she said, she bowed her head and politely stepped back.

Sasha, who was waiting for Alyssa behind her, ran quickly.


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