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Juliana, who had no way to express her anger after Norfe teased Ophelia and had no way to express her anger, released everything on Alyssa.

Alyssas favor has been thrown out no less than trash thrown on the floor, and her expectations she held have scattered beyond composition.

Alyssas soul was scraped from the bottom.

Thats what happened, so Norfe shouldnt be there.

Alyssas finger trembled.

She didnt expect it, but she was getting better results now.

Cambridge people began to admit Alyssa little by little and stopped accusing her for no reason.

They respected her opinion and did not have any troubles throughout the preparation of the banquet.

Norfe was a person who would make all of Alyssas efforts into bubbles.

Alyssa shook her head.

“The list of invitations has already been confirmed, so that is not possible, Mother.”

The queen crumpled her expression as if she hadnt expected the rejection from Alyssa.

“Alyssa I am not asking if it works now or not.

Im giving orders.”

“Then its not okay, Mother.



The queen screamed annoyingly, and she slapped Alyssa on the cheek.


Alysas cheeks swell quickly after turning around with a sharp rubbing sound.

Alyssas eyes and the maid who had brought her met.

Alyssas cheeks burned red with shame, but she slowly turned her head.

It was cold in the appearance as she took a breath and wiped her hand over her handkerchief.

“You still have that beastly habit when youre beaten”

“…I dont know how to tell you that I cant.”

“Cant it be done”

“So thats how you want it done”


“The Cambridge people will see my face.

Or maybe the people on the street too, would you like it”

The queens lips trembled due to Alyssas rebellion, who had never rebelled before.

Certainly, Alyssa is now married and became a member of another family.

She couldnt be confined in her room or slapped like before.

Even now, the Dukes carriage will be waiting for Alyssa.

The queen closed her lips.

“Are you threatening me now”


Im worried about Mothers prestige.”

The queen bit her lips.

Alyssa no longer had to live without saying anything and looking at the queens eyes.

Alyssa believed that she was like a fire moth and that the darkness was surely waiting at the end of her way.

Whats there to be afraid of anymore

She doesnt live in the royal family like before,

‘Its good to be married.

Alyssa smiled bitterly.

Although she is still a member of the royal family, the queen exhaled a grumbling breath, unable to find a way to threaten Alyssa, who had become a foreign family member.

“Youre crazy, you.”

Alyssa touched the cup without much reaction.

Her fingertips heated up.

She stopped expecting someone to save her from this hell this evening.

Alyssa has no one.

Who in this hell Seidrick He was a husband on paper she had never seen before.

She did not meet him as he always worked on his business trip or even when he stayed at the mansion.

When she visits him, the secretary, Pauline looks flustered.

‘Hes not in the office.

She repeated that answer.

Who is going to do what her husband wont do In such reality, Alyssa learned to resign.

“Ah, yes.

But that doesnt mean that I cant fix your habits.”

The queen pulled her lips up.

The Queen wasnt a person who was reluctant to do bad things.

“The royal family is going to have a banquet next Thursday.”

Alyssa slightly frowned.

“Prepare it yourself.

Next Thursday isnt that long.

But, you would do well, wont you”

Now she knew that it was a mockery, not a cheer.

Even though she vows not to care, she cant let her go.

No matter what happens to Ophelia or Cambridge…


Not this time.

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She came out like this.

Alyssa ridiculed herself.

And she was frustrated she had no choice.

Next Thursday.

The day before that is the Cambridge banquet.

Now the queen is making an impossible request to her.

She couldnt somehow harass Alyssa, so she behaved like a frustrated person.

The queen pressed for Alyssas answer.

“We can help you prepare from today.”

The queen laughed contentedly.

If she wants to refuse, how would she refuse the queens orders without justification


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