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The maid and the butler, waiting for Alyssas return, met her in front of the house when hearing that she was soon returning.

Ophelia was also next to the maid.

Ophelia learned that there is a strange man in the royal family from a while ago, and she came out to see Alyssa because she was worried that she might have experienced something strange.

“My lady, why are you so scared”

“Me, me No!”

She couldnt say that she wasnt scared, she was sorry, and of course, she stomped her feet, and Ophelia flashed an intimidated face.

She took a long breath and she stood close to the chief maid.

“By the way, is Alyssa doing well”

“The Madam Yes.

The work is also refreshing and delicate.

Its not easy for those two to happen at the same time.

The lady did it casually.”


Ophelia nodded her head.

“Shes not a bad person, right”

“Yes, I think so.”

It was when the maid chief was moderately answering Ophelias question.

Alyssa was entering the front door.

For some reason, Alyssa came in while rubbing her cheeks and opened her eyes wide.

With a face that couldnt imagine that people would be out waiting for her like this, Sasha was only coming down from the upper floors, perhaps rather busy.

“Youre back”

Those who were waiting below welcomed Alyssa.


But what happened”


“You are waiting for me.”

With a clumsy smile, Alyssa put her hand on her cheek as naturally as possible.

It was Sasha who first discovered it.

She could guess the situation without difficulty.

It wasnt surprising that it wasnt a day or two that the queen gave a hand on Alyssa.

However, it was surprising to the people of this mansion.

Alyssa covered it, but the swelling was discovered.

Ophelias face turned pale.

“Well, uh…”

As if she didnt know what to say, she reached for Alyssa, and Ophelias eyes were filled with tears in her big eyes.

The maid and the butler were also looking at Alyssa with wide-open eyes.

Alyssa noticed their reaction and found her swollen cheeks.

Alyssa lowered her hand that was covering her cheek.

Alyssa asked in a subdued voice with her eyes closed.

“So what happened…”

“I was waiting for you because you are on your way back…”

The maid replied.

It was the Cambridge employees who had not done what they should have done.

They didnt do what Alyssa had to do because she was an Avery.

Alyssa laughed awkwardly.

In this case,

“You shouldnt have done that.

Ill go up now.”

She passed them with a weary face.

Sasha chased after her with a fuss.

“Why on earth did you do that”

She asks in a small voice.

But seeing Sashas eyes boiling in anger, she knew the queen was behind this.

Alyssa shook her head as if this wasnt much.

“No big deal, she told me to get ready for Vanessas party next Thursday.”

“Preparing for the party Also, for Princess Vanessa”

Knowing that it was presumptuous, but Sasha couldnt hide her upset heart, she asked with tearful eyes.

The veins that burst out of her cheeks on her white face looked sore and hurt.

However, Alyssas face looked like she didnt care.

“Would she hear me if I refused”

It was a voice that gave up everything.

Alyssa said she had to go to the castle tomorrow and asked Sasha to bring ice so that her cheeks could swell down as much as possible.

Didnt she give up going around the shopping street because her cheeks were swelling more and more Thanks to that, there was less time in the day, and there were many things they had to prepare in that time.

There is no one to help Alyssa in the royal family, so she had to do it all alone.

Maids and servants will act on Alyssas directions, but…


She is already exhausted.

It was then.


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“Hey, can I go in”

It was Ophelia.

She doesnt need to hide everything she sees anyway.

Alyssa lowered her hand and tweaked her clothes.

“Yes, come in.”

With Alyssas answer, the door opened.

A small face with tears is revealed in between.

Ophelia shrugged what she had in her hand and pushed it to Sasha.


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