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“Well, the medicine… with ice…”

In the end, they brought the medicine to heal Alyssas cheeks.

Sasha accepted them with a puzzled look on her face.

Lady Ophelia, who was fiddling with her skirt, remained with a face as if she did not know where to go or what to say.

She hesitated, only her lips fluttered, and then spit out the words she was trying to say.

“…Heal quickly.

Dont get sick.”

Then she ran out.

Alyssa smiled sadly.

‘Look at this.

Shes not a bad person.

She was just sad that she had lost her brother.

It would be impossible for such a young Lady to take control of it.

And to her, Alyssa was a very worthy object of her anger.

The choice she made in the royal palace today was not regrettable at all.

As Sasha treated Alyssas cheek, she gave a long sigh.

She was really sick and tired of it.

Sick to the point that she resents her biological mother who died and left her.

‘Id rather…

Her thoughts wandered her head several times a day.

Alyssas gaze naturally turned outside.

The garden where the twilight had settled was crouching in the bleakness.

Her thoughts were complicated.

‘Is Sid gone

Hes already far away, right

She thinks she will be okay after she speaks about the words in her heart again.

Thats why she thought they were friends.

She thought she was used to waiting, but she didnt think so.

Blow, a small sound of wind leaked from Alyssas mouth.

She hopes he comes back soon.


In just a week, Alyssa dried up.

It was because she prepared not only the Cambridge banquet but also the royal banquet at the same time.

Juliana and Ophelia found out that she had to help the royal affairs and helped the banquet event behind the scenes.

Still, Alyssa, who had a strong sense of responsibility, couldnt resist unless she did it by herself.

Alyssa loved her work.

People will say its a frustrating personality, but the Cambridges banquet has a grand end thanks to that.

Cambridge relatives, who had gathered from the night before, often threw strange eyes at Alyssa.

She vividly felt the hatred and anger beneath it.

It was difficult for her to breathe in their gaze.

Alyssa, who couldnt even breathe properly all morning, only breathed out after entering the banquet hall.

This is why she was more inclined to talk in a scattered manner than in the dining hall where they had to sit together.

There was no one besides Alyssa, but it might have been convenient.

Of course, she couldnt avoid the unspoken arrows containing the blame pouring on Alyssa.

Fortunately, the preparation was perfect, and no one said anything about the banquet.

Or, likely, they couldnt see how the banquet preparations were going because they were gossiping about Alyssa.

Glasses sparkled under the fancy chandelier.

The splendor that was reflected and poured out on Alyssa made her head twitch.

It may be because she has been overdoing it for a while, and she keeps feeling that her body is not good.

Even her breath that she exhaled was hot.

‘I have to go in and rest.

Perhaps no one cares if she enters.

She is standing still on the wall like a folding screen.

She wanted to go back at the right time and take some medicine.

Alyssas eyelids trembled.

Now she doesnt have Sasha to stand by her side.

Alyssa was isolated in this spacious banquet hall.

“You mean that girl”

“If you mean Princess Alyssa, thats right.

She almost became Kendricks wife, then she became Seidricks wife, right”

“Isnt it an unprecedented scandal Shes such a promiscuous woman.

I dont know how they educate princesses in the royal palace.”

The sharp criticism poured against Alyssas ears.

It was divided into those who spoke freely and those who carefully shut their mouth, but if they had something in common, it would be their gaze at her.

As she closed her eyes, Alyssa opened her eyes again because of the louder accusations.


Are all royal people like that”

“I dont know.

Whats certain, though, is that Kendrick suffered an unfair death.”

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The death of the hero who supported Cambridge was widespread among them.

Alyssa had to be exposed between them completely.

Alyssa strolled, thinking that she should get some air from the balcony for a moment.

Walking between them was an embarrassment in itself, but as long as she escaped…


Of course, would that be Alyssas life if it went according to her will



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