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Alyssa fell.

Someone has intentionally put their foot on her feet.

However, it is not easy to find out who did it, there were not just one or two of those who quickly surrounded Alyssa… Just knowing that Alyssa could not do anything.

None of them said words of concern for her, and they did not reach out their hand for her to rise.

With her on the floor, Alyssa breathed a tight breath.

The beautiful decorations that were holding her hair poured down.

Alyssas white cheeks were reddening through her messy hair.

Transparent tears burst and flowed unintentionally.

“Its a good look.”

“You couldnt even beg with your face on the floor like that and put your head firmly!”

“I mean.

Dont you know how shameless you are”

Alyssa gently swept her cheeks with her trembling hand.

She doesnt even know how to get up and get out of there.


At that moment, a refreshing scent of wine ran down Alyssas head to the floor.

Someone poured wine on her head.

The scent was wonderful as if their efforts to choose the wine to eat were not wasted.

She didnt know it would be used like this.

Alyssa stared blankly at her wet hair.

“Now it suits you.

Is it because a sinner is so good at getting in”

“I think so.

Kendrick cant even close his eyes in resentment right now, and he might be wandering around in injustice!”

“Youre a vicious royal blood, dont even cry.”


Would crying make them feel a little better Alyssa exhaled her blistering breath.

“Please stop it!”

Ophelias voice broke through them.

Alyssa raised her trembling eyes.

Ophelia and Juliana, who had been digging among those surrounding her, brought Alyssa to her feet.

Ophelia bit her lips and shouted to her relatives.

“Alyssa is also a victim! Please stop it! What did Alyssa do wrong”


Nobody considered Alyssa that way.

However, Ophelias refutation had to be dismissed quickly.

It was because of the words of a lady with eyes blushed, shaking her body.

“Then, we, what did we do wrong Just because Princess Alyssa didnt do anything, does it change how she accompanied the royal looting Its not our fault that they oppressed Cambridge!”

Accompanied the royal looting.

That was right.

Alyssa has been eating, sleeping, and learning with royal money.

Its been a long time since the royal family persecuted Cambridge, and that lady was all right.

‘So Im a sinner.

Alyssa held her two trembling hands.

Her gaze wandered the floor.

“Well, still…”


Then Juliana stepped out in front of her, with Ophelia and Alyssa behind her back.

“Why, Madam Are you afraid that shes the princess of the royal family”


Juliana shook her head.

Even she is suffocated by the enemy pouring into Alyssa, but what about herself Her breathing was not constant, and she was anxious.

Juliana sighed.

“I understand your feelings, everyone.

But it is a family banquet.

Today is a blessed day.

So I hope youll stop it.

I dont think Kendrick will like this.”

“Kendrick, I suppose so! He was such a sweet and kind child! Thats why we burst into tantrums, anger! What do we hear in the royal family We cant even get to the cemetery to comfort Kendrick.”

“Who the hell is wronged”

Others defended the lady.

People seemed to think that this was a way to mourn the unjustly dead hero.

They were hating Alyssa, harassing her, pushing her into hell.

Thats understandable

Alyssa agreed.

They are no different from Ophelia.

Since they did not know how to relieve this unfair and erupting sadness, they would have simply chosen to hate others.

And Alyssa understood their hearts.

She picked up the headdress, which fell down her waist.

There was no place for Alyssa to stand here.

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Ill just go back.”

Alyssa whispered in a faint voice, and Juliana nodded her head without a choice.

She was in an ambiguous situation to side with, and Juliana herself has often thought the same thing.

Alyssa passed through the crowd to return to her room.

She looked very gruesome, but no one showed any pity for her.

Instead, more people would think that Alyssa is a subject to be justified.


There was no place for Alyssa.


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