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To him, Alyssas life was an unknown world that he could not guess at all.

What Gilbert felt when looking at Alyssa was that she seemed so cold.

It was for that reason that Gilbert hesitated to speak up.

He cant just keep Alyssa looking too cold here.

“…My wife boils her egg porridge amazingly, madam.

If it was before eating, and if not rude…”

Alyssa nodded before Gilbert even finished his words.

“I will go! I want to go.

So please dont take back that invitation.”

Its the first meeting, but shes making his heart ache.

Gilbert nodded.

He couldnt turn down Alyssa, who looks noble more than anyone but looks colder than anyone else.


Its a shabby place, but Ill serve you.”


Sasha rolled her feet, waiting for Alyssa, who wasnt returning even at the time it was getting too late.

However, she couldnt say the words that she did not return from the garden.

What would be Alyssas fault

However, it seems that Sasha wasnt the only one waiting for Alyssa.

Juliana stood still next to Sasha wandering by the porch.

“Is it still”

“Yes, Yes Grand Madam!”

Sasha, startled, shook her head.

It was when she was wondering what to say, rolling her feet.

Instead, Juliana opened her mouth first.

“…No wonder.

Theres nothing to worry about.

I know Alyssa is not returning from the garden right now.”

Juliana glanced over the front door.

“…Grand Madam…”

“If you cant attach yourself to the mansion, its a good thing you can attach yourself to the garden.”

Julianas muttering eyes were so mournful that Sasha shut her mouth tight.

She felt a little bit aware of why Alyssa said the people of this mansion werent wrong.

“Theres nothing to worry about, Sasha.”

The grand madam sighed.

“If she doesnt come from the garden, she must be at Gilberts house.

Hell be serving Monas dinner there.”

“How can…”

Juliana smiled cheerfully.

She chooses a word for Sasha to reassure her, who was worried.

“Because my kids did the same.

They will always be huddling in that little hut and eating dinner.

Then when their stomach was full and they came back, exuding a savory smell, and talked about what they were doing in the garden.

They are good people.

Im sure Alyssa will come back with a good face.”

Julianas deep eyes traced her memories of the brilliant past.

Kendrick, Seidrick, and finally Ophelia.

No child did not hold Gilbert and Monas hands.

Since Kendricks death, Ophelia is having a hard time recalling her memories with Kendrick.

She cuts her feet off from the garden, but not Seidrick.

Is it because the memories Gilbert and Mona planted in their children are warm

Seidrick still did not forget the garden.

Certainly, Alyssa will do the same.

After Monas dinner, shell hear Gilbert hum and talk before returning.

The children who tasted the warmth went out crying and returned with a smile.


Sasha lowered her head slightly.

If it could, please, for Alyssa, who went out with a face that seemed to disappear from the world, would come back with a smile, Sasha seemed to be able to give out her wrist.

Since she left, Sasha has been beating her heart, and she hasnt even sat down properly.

She thinks she can guess Alyssas aching heart a little bit.

However, the garden is a magical space.

A small smile stayed on her face when she visited the garden as if it could be a comforting place for the cold and lonely Alyssa.

Sasha held her hands together.

And not long after, she heard the sound of footsteps approaching the front door of the mansion.

It was Alyssa.

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“Look at that.

Didnt I say shed be back soon”

Juliana turned her body and climbed the stairs as if she did nothing to be by Sashas side so far.

By the time the door opened, it was already after Juliana disappeared.

Sasha turned her head to the front door, not catching the grand madam, who was moving away.

“Oh, Sasha Sorry.

Have you been waiting long”

As Juliana said, Alyssa returned with a smiling face.

There was a pink blush on her pale, white face.



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