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“Im sorry, I worried you after I came back from a very delicious dinner.”

Sasha bit her lips firmly in tears.

Nothing else matters.

She was just happy that Alyssa came back with such a rare face.

Sasha accepted Alyssas basket.

“What is it”


Egg porridge.

I didnt know that egg porridge was so delicious.

I think Sasha will also like it, so I got a little.

Instead, I embroidered a handkerchief in return.”

Alyssa took off her hat and put it in her hand.

Mona gave a handkerchief to Alyssa, who wanted to pay for the dinner.

It is the handkerchief to send to her daughter, who lives far away, and she asks for pretty flowers to be embroidered.

Gilbert seemed to be dissatisfied with Mona asking for something like that from Alyssa, someone with high status.

She received it quickly from Mona, and she embroidered a purple lilac.

Of course, this was also involved in the harsh class she had in the royal family.

Mona was happy with her handkerchief embroidered by Alyssa, and Alyssa was able to get her egg porridge and return.

Sasha hugged the basket tightly.

It is a magical garden.

Indeed, there was no magic.

It was so fortunate to have a garden at Cambridge that makes Alyssa smile every time.


“There seems to be no problem with the capital mansion.”

Pauline continued her report and stopped talking.

It was because Seidrick was seldom looking outside with a thoughtful face.

He did not mind shabby motels even with a great noblemans status, devoted only to work, and did not look at anything else.

She cant believe Seidrick thought of something else.

Pauline glanced outside at what Seidricks eyes were looking at.

‘Theres nothing there.

What Seidrick was looking through the window was not the outside landscape.

It was Alyssa who inevitably came to his mind.

Theyve only had a few conversations in the garden…

Alysas purple eyes, in tears, and the clear voice that was asking him to be a friend, the innocence that smiled brightly after entering the garden with a crying appearance.

It kept stepping on his eyes.

What does the garden mean to Alyssa

And what does gardener Sid mean

He was curious about that.

When she learns that Gardener Sid is not a real person… Seidrick laughed.

He hasnt thought of revealing it for a while and seeing this kind of thought, Alyssa must have gotten very attached to it.

If he still thinks of Alyssa, he thinks of Kendrick simultaneously, and if he thinks of Avery, who stands behind her, and…

He was thinking of her.


Seidrick sighed.

It will surely be a harsh winter for Alyssa.

Adjusting in Cambridge wont be easy, but many who loved Kendrick will target and harass Alyssa.

In addition to that, compared to the far-off royal family, Alyssa was an easy opponent.

Still, he didnt think Alyssa would blame them.

Alyssa thought that Cambridge was a poor victim.

But doesnt she think that Cambridge could be a perpetrator for Alyssa Why is she so nice to accept…


Why do you keep thinking about Alyssa Seidrick clicked his tongue briefly and turned his head.

Pauline, who was looking at him subtly, opened her mouth.

“What are you thinking about”


Keep talking.”

“…The capital mansion is said to be quiet now.

Probably after the relatives have left, so everythings fine.”


I dont even have to hear what might have happened.”

“Because they think that rejecting Alyssa is a mourning for Kendrick.”

“Kendrick wont like it.”

“I see.

Hes such a good man.

By the way, Sir.”


“Do you know that youve been spending more and more time thinking about Alyssa these days

“Am I…”


Sir Seidrick.”

Seidrick was stunned by those words.

Hes thinking of Alyssa after leaving to stop thinking about Alyssa.

Seidrick laughed.

“…I hope that the release of that feeling is not sympathy.”


“Thats not what a wife wants her husband to do.”

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Again, he was stunned.

Seidrick turned his head uncomfortably.

However, it was unreasonable for him to have more feelings for Alyssa.

It is challenging to play the role of a friend, but the role of a husband…

Alyssa, who is wandering alone in a desolate garden by now, suddenly comes to mind, but that is the end.

He already asked Gilbert to do something, so on the way, he thinks Mona, who is warm-hearted, will pay more attention to Alyssa.

Just that much.


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